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Seoul Day 2

Hello hello!

Yesterday was day 2 in Seoul but I was too busy/tired to post anything so here it is.

Had this strawberry milk for breakfast while walking to somewhere for food.

Tried this and it was average. Not fantastic but not bad either.

After day 1’s fried chicken, we were hooked onto fried chicken so we tried this store.

We were so disappointed. The original flavor wasn’t as fragrant and the honey one wasn’t crispy.

Went to bunny cafe to pet some bunnies!

Paid 6000KRW for 30 mins of petting and 2000KRW for their food!

Each group (for me it’s just myself), you’ll get two to three bunnies and they’re in my area.

They’re so curious and active.

She’s so naughty!

I was told to hide the basket of food under my apron to prevent her from helping herself to the food. She managed to find the basket still and was digging for it.


After playing with them, I found this fire show. Though I don’t understand a single word, everyone was laughing and his action was really cute.

Bought this cause I love the colour!

Was actually looking at this too but it’s a bit too yellow for my liking.

This was super cute!!! But I doubt I’ll wear it in Singapore so I skipped this.

Did a poll on this and the result was super close. It leaned towards buying but as much as I liked this, when will I ever use this๐Ÿ˜‚ so I ended up not buying too.

Looks better than it taste๐Ÿ™ƒ

Apple cinnamon waffles!

It’s pretty decent! Love how it’s crispy on the outside and the sauce doesn’t overpower the waffle.

Argh craving for waffles from Brussels.

Random ootd for my birthday (scarf not in picture cause it was so warm lol).


So damn cute and expensive.

Went to Real Escape Challenge for escape room and played Sherlock theme!

Apparently it’s the most difficult among the rest but my brother and I both are into Sherlock Holmes so it was a no brained that we picked that.

We were good at the complicated tasks but the simple ones, we struggled hahaha. We overthink things too much.

Went Billy Angel for birthday cakes.

Yup cakes cause we got a few slices.

Yay!! Birthday cakes are the best.

The Carrot Cake and Grapefruit Cake are the winner.

I love how refreshing the Grapefruit Cake was and the Carrot Cake wasn’t too sweet and there’s plenty of ingredients.

Street side food.

So yums and the lady thinks we are Japanese lol.

Grilled squid. Super expensive but nice.

Got this mineral water because of the bottle.

Plus side was the price๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ somehow it’s cheaper than the other mineral water?

As we were walking back to our hostel, we came across this place and this was their menu.

We got the lady to recommend us (with limited English) and we were just waiting in anticipation since we weren’t sure what we ordered apart from it being soup and spicy.

So yums! Thankfully it turned out well๐Ÿ˜‚

Day 118

Sunday, 28 Apr 2019

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henydailydiary (avatar)

henydailydiary Wow the cakes!! I love carrot cakes too. Happy Birthday dear ๐Ÿ˜Š. Have a great trip!

1 month ago

euniceckb (avatar)

euniceckb @henydailydiary thank you!! Carrot cakes are amazing๐Ÿ˜

1 month ago

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