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I’ve bought this make up pouch from Colourpop sometime back because my existing make up pouch was super dirty. Since I managed to clean it, I’ve not started using this and it kinda became my “just in case” pouch.

I love the colour and details of this! Only downside is the weight. It’s padded so it’s slightly heavier than my existing one.

My little pony lining😍

This is my existing make up pouch that Desmond surprised me with.

There’s some pen marks, which I’m unable to remove. Apart from that, the dirt can be washed off quite easily.

Since I whipped out my make up pouch, I figured why not show you what I have inside🙃

1) Lunette cup (the purple pouch)

2) Daisy fragrance
I alternate between Daisy and No. 5 as my daily fragrance

3) Eyebrow pencil
I’m using the Innisfree one on daily and this Etude House’s one is my touch up.

4) Eyeliner
I’m using Colourpop eyeliner now with this 24h eyeliner as touch up

5) Body Shop face mist
Hate the nozzle. The mist comes out super chunky. The fragrance is a bit too strong tbh.

6) Rubber band

7) Hand cream

8) Pills for gastric

9) Sephora blusher
I’m using the one @pretzelove got me for my birthday and this Sephora blusher used to be my daily before receiving that.

10) Lipsticks and balms
I have very sensitive and dry lips but my backside itchy and I love my lipsticks so I spam a lot of lip balm all the time just to prevent my lips chipping. Fun fact: it doesn’t really help me, my lips are chipped right now.

I’ll bring out three different shades - Red, mauve and pink, which happens to be a tinted lip balm.

11) Cotton bud
Just because why not.

When you give up your seat for an elderly and the elderly gave that seat to a kid that is capable of standing on his own🙄

I have no issues with people whom I gave my seat up for giving up seats to whoever but tbh I really think kids are super undeserving when they reach a certain age because they really don’t need it at all and some parents will still dagger eye you for your seat, which I refused to budge cause your kid can run in the train means they can jolly well stand. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Steamboat for dinner cause it’s my daddy’s birthday💕

May my daddy 不愁衣食,身体健康,天天快乐就好。

Desmond tried tying my hair because my ponytail was super messy. Not bad at all👍🏼

Wrote 54 pages for one module’s Instructional Guide and it’s only 8 hours long (at least the module is a six steps model so it’s not really thatttttt long).

Sometimes I wonder if I’m detailed oriented. Like, I don’t like details and I like to see the big picture yet when I’m doing things, I would need details in order for me to piece the picture together.

Day 104

Sunday, 14 Apr 2019

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