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Seoul Day 1 (cont)

Continuing from yesterday!

Yay love my perm and I hope it last!!

The weather here somehow makes my complexion looks really great in photos!! Anyway I got two patches of rash on my forehead now😩😩 I landed with one tiny patch of rash just above my eyebrow and by the end of last night, there’s two patches that’s growing. Moisturizing, masking and Vaseline that two patches and hopes it’ll go away soon!

This waffle is at Yaksu station!

I’m not sure if all waffles are the same in Seoul since this is my first waffle here but OMG IT’S SO GOOD?

I love how it’s crispy on the outside, warm, and the strawberry jam compliments the whole thing really well!!! I think they added honey too. So much love for this waffle.

I used to be a major fan of smoothie king until they pull out of all international markets. So glad to see this again.

Got these for Desmond cause he drinks tons of coffee and occasional beer and the masks are really cute!! Not the cheapest out here but I think it suits him?

One random alley we passed by on our way to dinner.

Had this fried chicken with beer at Thunder Chicken.

Omg I love the chicken?? My brother and I concluded that this is our best meal on day one.

I love how the beer was super refreshing and compliments the chicken well. The chicken wasn’t too oily and even with sauce, the skin was still super crispy.

The fried tteokbokki is my love too. Lol I love all things chewy.

The popcorn was a surprise. It’s not super sweet but it grows on us after a while.

Not sure if it’s the weather or what but despite sitting indoor, the beer was still super cold after a good half an hour👍🏼

Anyway, we love the chicken so much that we ordered half a portion more.

So happy to finally eat fried chicken after being turned away at BHC (which we walked super long to) for having no chicken. Not sure why though with our language barrier.

Ended the night with some singing.

They actually extended the timing for us, which we did not really utilized but we are so appreciative💕

Can’t wait for more food and stuff today!!

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Saturday, 27 Apr 2019

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