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updated 1 month ago

I’m so tired and my head is pounding but somehow I just can’t sleep because this mind refused to stop thinking😪

Went out with a couple of friends and as I went away to take ice cream, they surprised me with a cake😭 Xiao touched.

But I kinda forgot to take a group photo. Shucks.

Anyway, my mum was so cute. I sent this photo to her and she replied me saying that i look pretty and how now then she know she’s so pretty (cause we look alike) HAHAHAHA. My mum sometimes damn smart mouth.

Hello #dayrebrides! Lol first time using this hashtag but does anyone with experience with France Paris Wedding?

Online forum mainly talks about their PWS in Taiwan and there’s only one about Prague, the place we are keen on currently.

The negative feedback regarding Taiwan is damn bad and I’m kinda sway by it. BUT I think it’s their Taiwan team damn is super pushy and all whereas Singapore is friendly and nice (based on the reviews).

So since I’m not doing it in Taiwan, it should be fine?

And the package the lady was offering seems really reasonable, bordering the cheaper side I might add. Though additional photos are going to cost us a lot. Wah this is tough man.

Before yesterday, I kinda not want to do pre wedding shoots cause it’s so expensive and do we really need the photos?

If you know me through my Dayre posts, I think you can tell I’m quite price sensitive to certain things. Like I don’t really want to spend unnecessarily especially house is coming soon too.

Anyway, my family heard that I don’t want to do PWS and tried to convince me otherwise cause it’s one time thing and “need to capture the beautiful moment” lol.

Desmond agreed and he’s all about giving me the best and as long as I like it (and got to be reasonable) type.

So you can say I’m more open to doing PWS now if the price is reasonable, which I think it is for the France Paris😂


Kinda just wish I’m earning a little more or I have some huge ass rich relative somewhere that I didn’t know about that leaves me a lot of inheritance lol.

Desmond celebrated my birthday in advance with me today because I’ll be away on the actual day.

Went to Rabbit Headquarters to see those endearing little fluffy things and Dusk for beautiful view while dining.

Major plus point cause all the service staff are really friendly!

Nothing fancy but really, being next to him is all that matters.

Ahhhh my fringe is a mess😞 but I still love this photo of us.

Loves it when he sing the birthday song to me while looking at me in the eyes.

Day 111

Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

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henydailydiary (avatar)

henydailydiary I kinda undecided about overseas PWS too because it's additional few k
thousand. I also heard bad reviews about FPW. My bro went with Le Fatte, also Taiwanese. His experience seems okay. The pics look nice and dreamy type, but heavily photoshopped.

1 month ago

henydailydiary (avatar)

henydailydiary OH Happy Birthday!! Too excited to comment on wedding things n forgot to wish u hahah!

1 month ago

euniceckb (avatar)

euniceckb @henydailydiary hahaha thank you! Birthday next week hehe.

Did your brother do his PWS in Taiwan?

1 month ago

henydailydiary (avatar)

henydailydiary Yes! He did with La Fatte, in Taiwan. I searched a bit and apparently it's one of the 'higher' end ones in TW.

1 month ago

prawnieqiu (avatar)

prawnieqiu Hi! I just signed with FP too and am so worried cause of the negative reviews online (kinda signed on impulse by only reading their fb reviews.) my sentiment is the same as yours, that most negative reviews are for Taiwan pws (I am taking my pws locally!) so sg should be fine ?? But can’t find much reviews on it 😣

1 month ago

euniceckb (avatar)

euniceckb @henydailydiary thank you!!

1 month ago

euniceckb (avatar)

euniceckb @prawnieqiu omg right!! Almost all the reviews are for Taiwan haha. Hopefully yours will turn out great!

1 month ago

sillyblurme (avatar)

sillyblurme I am not a fan of PWS tbh. I rather the photographer capture the moment of the actual day. Who will take out their PWS photos to look every now and then? Anyway it’s just my personal opinion. I don’t think it’s something will regret since u have nice proposal photos :)

1 month ago

ichugmilkkk (avatar)

ichugmilkkk @sillyblurme me and Eunice agree... that’s why we thinking of getting PWS + ROM + AD shots

1 month ago

sillyblurme (avatar)

sillyblurme 👍🏻👍🏻 @ichugmilkkk

1 month ago

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