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Jewel | Seoul Day 1

Went Jewel with the family yesterday before flying off.

So pleased that I can do early check in at jewel 3 to 11 hours before departure!! Checked in my luggage before roaming around for the rest of the day.

Pokémon store!

Apparently there was a long queue when my mum first went Jewel (it’s her second time) but there wasn’t any queue so we went in.

Chill drinks before dinner😌

My love rushed down for birthday with us and to send me off.

Wah missing him already.


In flight meal! Not too bad.

The service on Asiana was surprisingly decent but I’m not a fan of their seats. It doesn’t recline much and now my back is aching😅

Gonna figure out where to buy ticket where we can top up!

Currently in the train to our hostel and I hope we will find our way there without making the wrong stops.

Got to change train. So glad there’s English words for each station.

I love this melon ice cream and the drink version’s great too😍

Stopped by a random bakery and had this red bean porridge! Super rich and tbh, we were both not a huge fan of it because the cinnamon powder smell was overpowering.

Chopped off 4 inches of hair and perming it again after years.

Language barrier is real. Was trying to let the hair dresser know what I like but we don’t understand each other so there’s a lot of pointing, hand gesture and writing of price.

After an hour plus, her assistant(?) came in and thankfully she speaks little English so she could explain a little to me what the hair dresser was trying to tell and clarify with me.

Waiting game now!

Day 116

Friday, 26 Apr 2019

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