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Hi guys!! Sorry for the mia! Its rly hard to update dayre and travel😅 i do hv some pockets of time here and thr while on the drive but i'd rather take powernaps and enjoy the scenery yknow what i mean?😬

Anyways! I've got lots of beautiful pictures of perth/melbourne so i'll still be sharing them here over the nxt few days!

Looking so hap hapz happy here!!

This was at lake grace!

Hashtag lame stuff i do in the backseat hahaha😂

This was mountain climbing day. I have so much to say abt this omg... It was the one of the toughest things (physically) i've ever done!!! It was a 5hr hike, two way. Within 20mins i felt like dying alr srsly, idk how i managed to push on. A large part of it was due to daniel i have to say. He has rched a new lvl of sweetness/spoil market during this hike. I was so tired and im rly nt fit AT ALL, so it was rly tough for me.

He carried my handbag and camera for me, which btw are not light, along with his own bags which was alr v heavy.

The steps up the mountain arent nicely made stair steps, its literally rocks of diff sizes and jagged, v difficult to climb! Each step up can require a 90 degree lunge, which is tiring as yall know! Imagine climbing up frm bottom lvl all the way till into the CLOUDS. Frigging long hike and so tiring!!!

He lifted me up each rocky step by hoisting my waist up, when my legs were giving way alr. I cant imagine how tiring it is for him:( the hiking conditions were alr so bad yet he had to take care of me the burden cos im so unfit😭

When we rched the clouds, it was crazy and the winds were so strong i felt it cld blow me away literally! He stood whr the winds were blowing and hugged/wrapped me in his jacket to protect me frm the winds😢

And constantly asking if im ok, asking me to take breaks, showing concern when i said my ears hurt, i was breathless etc.

He was doing all these for me throughout the hike, when the angmohs walked past even they saluted him and said "respect bro!".

I rly rly rly dk how i got so lucky😭

There, im nt bluffing ah this is our view of the clouds!!

This is our view of the carpark/our car aft trekking 1/3 up the mountain, plus this is the zoomed up version mind u😨 we started our hike whr we parked the car!

Hvnt even rch the clouds lol shag like dk what alr!!!

Shanice's tripod is a lifesaver! We took so many nice grpshots with it yay!

Aft tht crazy exhausting hike, we went to see the blowhole, which is a natural formation whr water spew out of rocks loudly, caused by waves crashing. The view was ah-mazing👌 i love beaches!!

Selfie with a view! Looking real cui here cos i wiped off my lipstick and look quite pale. Liquid lipstick in dry weather is srs overkill🤔

Super naise photo taken by a fellow sporean (i guess one) tourist! Yknow how its funny when sporeans go ovs we can always spot our own ppl?😂 cos of the slang and the way they talk and stuff hahaha much feels like fambam😛👊

Unglam shot by jasper omg😂 this is daniel trying to do his "signature" pose for the trip and me trying to copy him😂😂

Yumyum dinz by HQ again!! Daniel and i are his kitchen assistants! We help wash the veg and chop veg etc😂

Dinner for the day: stewed japanese beef, stir fry cabbage, jien pu egg omelette! 😛

The skies in aussie are amazing! Perth/countryside areas to be specific, nt city areas! Its completely filled with stars o m g its so so beautiful i stared at it for hours! In sg the most stars i've seen is like what less than 10? There, its uncountable!

One of my fav moments of the trip❤️

One of the days we had brunch at The Happy Wife! Its located in bunbury. I'd recommend this place cos its soooo photogenic and the food is so good!!


Koping photos of other ppl's brunch cos mine hasnt arrived yet then!😂

Tadah! Damn chio flatlay if i hv to say so myself😂😂 i ordered crumpets with honey, berry compote and bananas! Its sooo good!!! OUT OF THIS WORLD😍😍❤️ best crumpets i ever had! (Ps crumpets is smth like scones!)

And srsly walao even their coffee cups are so chio!!! Up yr game sg cafes!!!🙊 #dayrefatties

Hehe! Took some photos at the graffiti wall outside the cafe:) there was this huge dreamcatcher drawn and its so pretty!!

Day 165

Monday, 13 Jun 2016

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