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Hey guys!! Im back with more updates!☺️ gotta keep the momentum going ya!!😛

This was prolly day 3/4! One of my fav accoms of the trip! We stayed in a cozy house in the middle of the woods:) its very spacious and i love the whole nature vibes!

Its called wrenwood chalets if anyone is keen! There's huge trampolines arnd, a basketball court, huge garages which looks like a frigging antique museum, chicken coops etc! So lovely!!☺️

We had quite abit of fun on the trampolines hehe.

This is daniel being lame again ahhahaah or maybe he just rly wants some fried chicken for dinner🤔

There are beautiful lemon trees in the backyard!!☺️

Check out this poser tho wowow

Poke yr cheek!😛

And the basketball court as mentioned!! I played too hehe! A light sport rly warms up yr body in the chilly winter!!

Not to mention there are GREAT picture spots all around!! Took my otd against this artsy, simple backdrop☺️

I rly loved the accoms we stayed in for the trip! This was an accom nearer to the city alr, its nautical themed!!! So pretty!!!😍 (pardon our bags tho!)


Daniel and my room!

The bathroom comes with a frigging personal jacuzzi😭😭❤️

The kitchen!

Took this shot at the porch outside which is gorgeous as well!! It has a mini table and comfy chairs, so nice to just sit there with a cuppa tea and chill and talk with loved ones☺️

One of the days was dedicated to cave exploring! We explored 2 caves and it was kinda physically taxing too! The caves are rly deep down and the steps to and fro are rly quite a workout! It was beautiful tho! Nature rly amazes sometimes. We saw a mini lake in one of the caves!😊

I didnt rly buy alot of stuff there cos we didnt hv much time for shopping! But i did manage to score some rly good items when i went to melbourne with daniel and we had free and easy time!

One of my best buys was this boar bristle hair brush which i got frm queen victoria market, one of their local markets! Aussie is quite famous for their markets, which sells alottt of stuff, nt only food!

Can u see the boar bristles interspersed between the normal nylon bristles? I've been looking for such a brush for a rly long time and im so happy i got it at a steal of $25!

If u hvnt tried a boar bristle brush, u GOT TO TRY IT. Its such a miracle product!!! Daniel calls it the magic comb cos it rly works magic and make my hair so soft and smooth!!

My hair was in a bit of a bad shape in aussie due to the weather and cos i used hot water to wash my hair daily. Bt this made such a diff!!❤️

Abit sidetracking but this is another of my holy grail hair products! Before i dyed/bleached my hair grey/purple, my hair ends were crazy! They were crinkled and sticking out in all directions idk why:( i almost decided to pay $150 for a hair treatment sesh alr, then i tried this and o m g its ahmazing! Immd no more crinkles! After using this product a few times, i had the confidence to go ahead and bleach my hair cos it was in good shape:) btw i got this off carousell myself so its nt an advert

Each bottle cost abt $40 on carousell and its quite a small bottle but it actually can last quite long cos its a one wk once treatment!

My stylist also added olaplex step 1 and 2 into my hair bleach and it made all the diff!:) even aft bleaching 2 times my hair was in good shape!☺️

This home treatment is def worth a try! Its good stuffzzz😛 #dayrebeauty

Ok gotta head off for dinner with daniel now!! Catch my photo updates on instagram?🤗 same username etherealpeonies!

You'll get to see photos like this one!!☺️

Day 167

Wednesday, 15 Jun 2016

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