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February 2019

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January 2019

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Taiwan Day 2 // Lash Lift 👀✨

Day 2 of taiwan!!😛Our day started off with us being all 😩😩 cos my hair curler could not work AT ALL in taiwan i hv no idea why!!Like voltage problem or smth ba.And my cousin’s hair straightener could barely turn on and the heat was so weak🙃But i still managed to use it and did a simple c curl on my ends yay😂😂

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im a toiletries hoarder🤭

Title explains itself LOL😂Today im doing a “whats in my toilet” post🙂👍Is this amount of toiletries normal ah?I rly dk leh. But i use all these leh legit! I have 3 built in cupboards above the sink and 2 are pictured here! Lets go through each section bit by bit🤪#dayrebeauty

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Holiday Happenings❤️

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