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February 2017

A fine line between straightforwardness and being rude

Okay i've been wanting to talk about this for quite some time now. Reason why is because i've personally experienced this and its nothing but annoying. Like the self explanatory title says, there is a fine line between straightforwardness and just being plain rude.

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Hey guys!! Hows saturday going for yall🤗 Today everyone has their own plans so im on my own!! Decided to check out dal.komm cafe in town cos i've been wanting to try their sweet potato latte since forever!!So i dressed up abit and am in town now!Sadly the cafe isnt operating as usual cos kang gary is here for a fanmeet LOL.Im more bummed abt nt being able to chill at the cafe than the possibility of seeing gary lol🙃

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Happiness these days

Random happy stuff these few days☺

How do you force yourself to love someone less?

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Hola!🤗 long time no see indeed😂 Time to update all the backlogs before its too late!!🙊 CNY started off quite meh, cos on cny eve i had lecture till 5:30pm and we had to rush bk to msia for reunion dinner with my grandma. The jam was SO BAD omg, it took abt 3hrs cos the msia side purposely make it difficult la, only open half of the counters at immigration like wts🙄 My bladder almost burst it was so bard.Went for kbbq for dinner lol! Food was cheap and yummy👍 This is day 1's selfie!🌚

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