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May 2019

Public Private

The most ridiculous and community-unfriendly feature rolled out by Dayre is allowing users to post private posts and letting you The Follower blatantly KNOW that you are excluded from it. And these private posts further rile you up by allowing you to catch snippets of the title and discussions among the user & her inner circle of Dayreans.

April 2019

Like how many #ttc ladies have mentioned it before, when you get your BFN someone somewhere will pop up to give you their pregnancy/baby news. My old-but-blessed-by-dunno-what-powers cousin whom I wrote about earlier (late 30s, few shots kill, gave up on God) has to deliver and give birth on the day I receive my BFN. And of course pictures of the newborn were promptly sent to the family whatsapp chat group and everyone is oohing and aahing over how cute the new addition to the family is.

Saying Goodbye

To my dearest baby #10,Thank you for giving me a chance to experience what it is like to carry a life inside me. You were not chosen by the embryologist. You were chosen by me and your granny to be my potential first born but I guess, some things are not meant to be. I have been asked to talk to you every day and so I did. Every morning I told you the type of nutritious food I am going to feed you. And you were there to accompany me when I was busy with work.

Death of An Embryo

I have been trying to wean myself off Dayre and what better way to do it than being forced out of this community by choosing not to pay come April 23. I mean, I have to pay a fee every month for others to read about my pathetic fertility state, what for right? On the contrary, I think I should be PAID for writing openly about the emotional, physical and medical aspects of trying to conceive. I give you more bang for your buck than fertility seminars run by those so-called medical experts.

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Sour Grapes

Just an extremely sour grapes rant. Rich family, supportive husband who is willing to be the man behind the scenes and integrate into her family, young lady boss, good looks and now FERTILE. Some people just have it all, isn't it? NB.

February 2019

Seeing ultrasound scans of @/charsiewdolly's twins has triggered me to open my email and say good morning to pictures of my embryos which have been frozen in time. These days there are pretty much just 2 things on my mind - sex and embryos.In a naturally fertile female, sex would create embryos. But in this dysfunctional body of mine, sex does not ever lead to embryos and embryos are a result of no sex.

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