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April 2019

Praise be to Jesus. The call came at 9. Sneaked our at 530. The meeting happened at 630 and ended at 700. By 715 I was dinnering at my desk. Let’s hope it goes well

After a tiring evening of meeting 2EPs1HR at 1 locale, then running over to another locale to meet with 2EPs, I intended to kick back on episodes of Orange is the New Black. Instead, I had to do laundry, fold laundry, clear work. All whilst having this stress in me of what is to come tomorrow. I really hope they are free at 6PM, and that I can sneak out at 530PM. This is causing so much stress.

The funny thing about the human brain is it can rationalize/ justify any action, no matter how heinous it is. It scares me how I’ve rationalized/ justified all the moral depravity I’ve indulged for the past few months. It scares me how indifferent I’m towards them now. What’ve I become?

March 2019

On Thursday, GC, a senior whom I rather close to in the Dungeon, came into my office room, closed the door and said, “I’m telling this to you in confidence.”. I looked at her and said, “no way, have you just done it”. She nodded in half glee, and said, “I just tendered”. That moment saw a flurry of emotions rushing to my heart. One, I was in stress mode trying to amend some document. Two, I was honestly shocked & saddened. Three, I was happy for her.

And so because I’ve free coffee, I decided getting iced coffee is best because it’s usually more expensive. Iced coffee has double shots. I had 2 iced coffees today. I’ve 4 shots in my system. 4 shots from the Coffee Academics. Seriously.

The disgruntled cries of many are growing. Soon, the tenderboats would be launching. As the passengers disembark from the cruise ship, the captains panic and wonder what’s wrong. By then, it’s too late. The tenderboats launch and speed towards the shore. People don’t care how much you know until you show them how much you care. People will never remember what you do, but they remember how you made them feel. I think it’s quite difficult to forget how you made me feel.

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