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Wedding Budgeting

Thought I would share my budgeting process for wedding, and hope to contribute to this little community! Disclaimer: I have no clue what is the “market rate” for holding a wedding with approx. 150 pax, so the below are solely my thought process for wedding budgeting! 😊

Number of Guests

The very first step in our planning was to decide the number of guests we are going to invite - considering wash factor and relationship level (how close we are to these people). It was quite clear to us that 150 pax was a comfortable number, and that was how we started to narrow the venue search!


I think it was very important that both of us came together to discuss what we felt was most important to us for the wedding itself. This will help to ease any forms of financial conflicts, and in selection of vendors. For me, it was photography and gowns. As for my partner, it was venue and food quality.

With the above in mind, we gave each other the most say in the categories we felt most important individually. For instance, decision on photographer was 80% made by myself.


Venue was a little tricky as we were looking at 150 pax, and my partner prefers to hold it in a hotel. Most hotels either have a minimum of 20 tables to guarantee, or maximum of 12 tables. Also, considering that food quality was a top priority for my partner, there were not much choices for us. It was just a choice between Fullerton or Grand Hyatt.

Hence, as per wishes of the man, we went down to Fullerton for site inspection. And as we guessed, Straits Ballroom was too small for our event.

We later on requested for a site visit to Grand Hyatt and the only ballroom which could minimally guarantee at 15 tables was the Grand Residence. It has a pillar along the aisle which can be quite a boo.. but we were cool about it! So we just signed with them during their showcase!

I would strongly suggest you to soft book your dates and wait till there are news of the hotel wedding showcase to sign with them. There will usually be perks/discounts! ☺️

As banquet typically forms the largest part of the wedding expenses, we had to be rational if we could also afford a 5* hotel banquet. Given that most people have a 20-30 tables banquet, we decided that we could splurge a little on our small banquet. In this case, we have to compromise on something else then!

Deciding what you do not need

It was pretty clear right from start that we wish to do away with gatecrash activities, and having a videographer. This would save at least $2 to 3K from not engaging one!

We also decided to not have a second march in. As we have to hold a church wedding on the first day, and banquet on the second, not having a second march in meant we could look at a gown package with less number of gowns. Here, I saved about $600 to 1K.

No live band, no photo booth - these were pretty redundant for our small wedding.

No wedding reception stylist, just going to DIY.

As for florist, we would be using one of the partnering vendors.

Savings x 3!

Bridal Package - Ala Carte or Studio?

Gowns and photography were my priorities, hence I have most say in these categories. First, I do not fancy ball gowns and all the puffy/bling dresses. Second, so long as the studio fits the bill and my style, I am alright!

I went ala carte, and selected a package from WC which partnered with AIB. WC was the one and only bridal boutique I went, and decided to sign on the spot to lock in 2017 rates and perks for same-day promo. I tried 5 gowns, loved the styles, was comfortable - then BAM. 👊🏻


Since AIB was a confirmed vendor for my AD, I started searching for vendors who could snap really good scenic shots for my PWS! If you read my posts, we only went to Synchronal and decided to sign with them.

All these quick decision-making were only because we were comfortable and price was within budget. Though I have to admit, the PWS package was a tad steep but it was once in a lifetime.. so! And YL (Synchronal) does makeup & hair for you so you don’t have to fly another person!

< $50K

While I wished the expenses could go as low as possible, there were things we did not wish to compromise - and I feel that is alright, as long as both of you can work out your finances! After all, it is once in a lifetime! ☺️✨

I hope this helps somebody out there to start on their planning, #dayrebrides good luck!

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Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019

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dazzlingjacq (avatar)

dazzlingjacq Hi! For your pws, you have to fly both of them overseas??

2 months ago

enilegnalyt (avatar)

enilegnalyt Hi @dazzlingjacq, for my overseas PWS, Synchronal included their airfare in the package price! I have to pay for their accommodation on top of the package!

2 months ago

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