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Gown Fittings (from long ago..)

Just gonna’ post some photos of the gowns I have tried for my PWS, and also post-PWS! 😊 I love reading fellow brides’ gown-fitting experiences and thought I’d share mine too!

I originally chose this piece for my PWS, and decided to change it one month prior to my shoot! I love the fit, the floral embellishments.. but many commented I should get a dress with a bit of train.

I also tried on A-line dresses but did not quite like how it looks on me. This piece was very loose for me but I love the low back and soft tulle! 😍

Sorry about the angle for this photo - but this was one of the popular pieces that WC brides would have tried/chose! It was not available for my PWS at that time. Love the illusion lace, and it looks really gorgeous on the photos I’ve seen of brides who actually chose this piece!

Another random try-on because I was clueless on what to choose, which design to go for etc. πŸ˜…

This was the ONE I chose for my PWS! It has a nude base - which came out a little pinkish on my photos, but I LOVE THE LACE. Oh my word. πŸ₯° This dress was rather new when I went for fitting in June 2018, and thankfully it was available during my shoot?!!! But it was a very popular piece because pre- and post- my shoot, there were brides who booked it. I’m so glad I ended up changing my choice of gown and having it in my size! ☺️

How my gown looks, photographed!

So post-PWS, I wanted to explore the option of a short casual shoot locally hence decided to make a trip to TGC to try on some gowns! This was the very first gown that caught my eyes, and believed many #dayrebrides have got the chance to to try this on! 😍

Back of the dress above!

Love love love mermaid cuts, so Michelle got this out for me to try as well. It was a tad too loose! But when fitted, it would look greatttt! (No front photos because I did not capture it)

This was a rather dainty piece, with the addition of a flare skirt! I couldn’t remember if it was a mermaid cut dress underneath - sorry about that! But I love how feminine this looks πŸ™ƒ

THIS WAS THE VEIL THAT KEPT ME GO WOW. Really a pity that I did not go ahead for the photoshoot.. otherwise it would be a good excuse for me to wear such a beautiful veil!

I’m sorry how abrupt this post is ending but footnote (1) WC fitting was somewhere in March 2018 (except for the final piece I chose), and (2) TGC fitting was in September 2018.

Now that we are in April.. I’m left with 7 months to the big day! Am pretty sad my gown fittings are gonna’ end soooooon 😭 love trying on gowns ahhhhhhh!!!!!

Day 91

Monday, 1 Apr 2019

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jytan30 (avatar)

jytan30 Hello! May I know where is the first place you went to?

3 months ago

enilegnalyt (avatar)

enilegnalyt @jytan30 Hello! It’s at Wedding Crafters! :)

3 months ago

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