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December 2018

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Simple Love

Home WiFi and internet will be down till next week, and I have been feeling like crap because I got to waste my data to surf the net etc. Knowing that I’m so bummed about it and that he would not be meeting me on NYE + New Year’s day, JX surprised me this morning for breakfast date before he goes to JB with his family. He even spent last night downloading some YouTube videos on his tablet for me to get through the weekend, and to cheer me up! This sweetheart ❤️

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A Letter to Myself

You have done a great job,Stayed strong,Braved the odds,Stood up for yourself.This is for you.Thank you for holding on.All those tears were worth it.It is time for you to go out and shine;For yourself,For the people who had faith in you.❤️

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What’s up, December?

Attended JX cousin’s wedding yesterday at Joyden Hall. Food was alright, but the soft beverages were very very diluted!————Have been feeling way down for a couple of months now. Thank God there’s wedding planning to keep me sane. Crossing fingers and hoping things work out well soon so I could start the new year fresh! 🙃

Less than a year to go / Itinerary help!

I’m having a hard time thinking how to ensure my AD would not be too boring for 150 pax approx. Would be doing away with videographer, and 2nd march-in for my AD.. so, am reaching out to #dayrebrides for help! 1. What would you be planning to do/have you done to “entertain” your guests? 2. Also, what editing software you use for childhood montage?Thanks in advance 🙏🏻

August 2018

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Counting down to The Big Day

Countdown: 15 months (Nov 2019)✔️ PWS/AD gown package✔️ PWS everything-related (hahaha)✔️ PWS photos & album✔️ AD venue✔️ AD makeup✔️ AD photog✔️ AD dads’ suits➖ AD church venue➖ AD mums’ makeup➖ AD florals✖️ AD suit✖️ AD shoes/heels✖️ AD decor✖️ AD caterer for church✖️ AD itinerary✖️ AD mums’ dresses

July 2018

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PWS in Bali / July 2018

Finally finding the time to pen down my PWS experience - which got over more than a week ago!So.. this may sound really absurd but I started looking out for PWS photographers back in October 2017. At that time, we don’t even had a date in mind for wedding but.. who cares?! 😅 I did not research much and only reached out to two photographers - Bloc Memoire (whom I did not get a respond from IG DM - it’s ok!) and Synchronal Photography!

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