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August 2019

Wonder if we are too lenient with bun. Do we give him too many options? Do we pander to his whims too much? Are we just slaves to his tyrannical rule?

Bun is 3 and a half going on 15. I am enjoying this stage because I can reason with him and he understands (to a certain extent). But also frustrated because he’s testing boundaries, negotiating and crying to get his way. Objectively all good skills for the future. But really grating on the nerves. I’ve left it up as a choice for him. Either he sulks or he sucks it up the end result is still the same. It’s just how tired he ends up being.

July 2019

Should I be frustrated that I’ve been the same weight since puberty or should I be thankful. I’ll never be skinny. I’m not chubby. Just solid. I need to be more comfortable in my own skin.

April 2019

Hahahahahaha. I wish I could slap my PMS self. The internal conversations I have would be at home in an asylum.

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