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June 2018

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❤️🤞🏻❤️人生海海brb turning my body into the ocean heh

March 2018

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it’s a wraaaaaaap

have been working nonstop 7 days a week sobs today I realise SHIT ITS 1 MARCH!!!!! I don’t rmbr receiving my dayre download email :< luckily dayre is still gonna be here for abit so I can figure a way to backup my posts in case this dayre download thing doesn’t work. just give me till sat night 😭 once I wrap this shoot i can go back to usual programming!!!!!! very thankful for the opportunity + very sian I have to do this + excited to be on set + dreading the shoot. basically a mess.

February 2018

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DECEMBER 2013?!!?!?!?????!??i didn’t realise it went back that far 😂sometimes I’d open up my dayre and scroll waaaaay back to revisit some memory I’ve long forgotten. I gotta archive these things leh!!!! esp my exchange pics :(((( somemore I always do a photodump here to save my phone storage haha thanks dayre, for going through relationships with me, my whole university life, and forever enabling me on the latest beauty products. to the strangers ive never met but know so much about.

January 2018

You are mysterious. I love you. You’re beautiful, intelligent, and virtuous, and that’s the rarest known combination.

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more movie nights pls!!!!!! watching via a projector is so shiok

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