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February 2019

Time for a new bio

This was my previous “about me” page:✨ The transition to a new beginning ✨I have two months before I enter the workforce and sell my soul to OT and office politics, so I’m going to try to make this a productive transition period by keeping track of my goals in my bio.

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BTO selection / Awkward 🐢

Happy 1st of February! It’s 2.30pm on a Friday, and I’m working from my desk at home 😀I attend a recurring Management meeting every Friday morning at Changi Business Park, and after the meeting, I’ll head back to the main office in the CBD to continue work. But today, since there was nothing urgent to be done in office, I asked my boss if I can work from home instead of heading back. He said yes!!! 🎉🎉🎉

January 2019

Office talk

I have real evidence that I’m in a shitty department, okay!A few of my older colleagues have told me that this boss, or this working environment, is the worst they’ve ever experienced in their entire career. These are people who have worked for 10-20 years for different bosses. And these comments came from different people on different occasions.

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Last weekend of January

It’s Sunday night and I’m feeling the Monday blues 😭 Can’t wait for my 1 day of leave this week to select our unit at HDB Hub hahahaha.

Carousell errands

I’m currently at a park near my house, waiting for a carousell buyer. I gave the person my address and he/she was like, “I reached. Getting down now.” And at the same time, I was staring at the empty road outside my house, confused.He/she then sent me a photo of “my house” which was another property with the same unit number hahahaha. Wrong house 😅😂So I told the person to meet me at a park instead. I mean, there’s only one park with this name in Singapore hahaha. Can’t go wrong, right?

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Happy Friday 😊

My friend’s younger brother started sending me ASMR videos of him squishing his squishy toys. It sounds so wrong typed out 😂 But I swear, it’s all decent and pure okay.I love ASMR! I know half the population doesn’t like it, but I’ve always liked it since I was young. I loved watching the cartoons with headphones in my primary school library because of the ASMR-ish sounds 😍

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