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Apps I use for #gadgetdetox

The pain around my neck and shoulder is shifting everyday. My shoulder joint was more painful than my neck before therapy yesterday and today it's the other way round. My body is craving coffee to numb the pain on my stiffed neck today so I asked cx to bring me to Old Town for lunch. Lunch set with coffee is much cheaper than just a cup of coffee in regular coffee shops, and their white coffee is quite decent.

We were surprised by the deal they're having now. RM10 nett for main and drink. The set actually comes with lime juice but we requested to change to coffee!

I'm in the mood of writing more today, I'll share the apps I use for my #gadgetdetox today! Sorry for the proscatination heh.

For Android users, it's what I'm using too....the apps is

Break Free

This apps measures the total usages of phone, it has statistics for daily, weekly and monthly.

It uses the colours to indicates your level of phone addiction, green indicates low addiction, yellow indicates medium and red indicates high addiction. It gives you scores too.

Upon unlocking the phone this is what we going to see. To enter the phone we'll have to click "I know what I'm doing".

My advice: think thrice do you really need to go in there, it'll becomes another screen unlock if we just click that without even thinking.

Why I love this apps so much is that it'll send you lots of notifications and reminders! With the cute little monk as the "ambassador". Makes me feel more zen hah!

You could set your time limitation for your phone usage, I set mine to 10 mins. That means I get a reminder 10 mins. Again, think thrice before you click "snooze" or "I know what I'm doing" button.

I'll get other reminders too, for examples...

And some encouragement messages, like this...

If you're using Apple products, apps I'd recommend is...


This apps could even trace when your family and friends uses your phone!

But my iPad is TOO OLD, so sad I couldn't download this, I think this apps is more fun than the android version. For my iPad, I don't use much, I'll only need to charge my iPad once everyday 2-3 days.

If you look around you, this is the poses you going to observe a lot. Try download the apps and track your daily phone usages duration, you'll be in shock! After about a month of #gadgetdetox, I've successfully shook off my addiction of instagram and twitter. Now I'll only check instagram once every 2/3 days and for twitter, once a fortnight? Lesser time on game too!! I'm in control that my total usage of gadgets per day is less than 2 hours. That's still a lot, my next mission is to reduce FB.

I've more to write but it's Dayre overload now, so I shall continue later. Need to get ready for teaching!

Day 250

Monday, 7 Sep 2015

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