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So I was thinking of doing a #hongkong food reco post and I asked @ellenxxxo if she wanna co-dayre (i have NOT co-dayre before since the birth of co-dayre) and do this post tgt and she agreed.

So... here we go!!!

I think one thing @pretzelove and I have in common is our love for food!!!! 😍

So when she asked me if I want to write up on a mini food guide on HK ..... of course I aka huge support of @dayrefatties was up for it!!! 😅🤭😋

📍One Dim Sum 一點心

The downside is the waiting time for this but I love the char siew bao, the 腐皮卷 (favourite), carrot cake (another favourite!!!) AND AND AND DON'T LEAVE THERE WITHOUT EATING THE MANGO GLUTINOUS THINGY (forgot the actual name but it's so yummy)


My favorite dim sum place in HK is this chain place!!!

They have 4 outlets over central, TST, jordan and mongkok making it pretty accessible no matter where you are staying at.

ANYONE love chicken feet? Pls holla and let me know that I am not alone!!!

OMG I love love love this crispy fried cheong fun!!!! 😭😢

PLS do yourself a huge favor and order it .... some places like crystal jade in Singapore does sell this version as well

📍Macau Tsui Yuen Cafe 澳門翠苑茶餐廳

You can read it here @pretzelove:180217
I love the pork chop bun. The pork is tender, the bun is crispy and soft on the inside (but people who dislike crispy bun that cuts their gum shall skip this). And there is like sauteed onions inside. 😋😋😋
On top of that they are actually known for the chicken in bread (like golden pillow) and curry at the side.

I low key love their macaroni but I dont think it's suitable to everyone unless u are super maca fan like me.

📍Nathan Congee and Noodles 彌敦粥麵家

Stumbled upon this in 2016 when we stayed at Rainbow Hotel (now Travelodge) and it was sooooooo good!!!!!

I'm not a fan of 豬肝 but my parents said that it was cooked just right. Not too hard! I'm a fan of their normal pork slices and pork ball. 😋
And also I love the dish on top of the congee. It's jelly fish, century eggs and peanuts (i think it's called 五彩 smth)

📍Mui Kee Congee

Slightly overrated place but nevertheless the fish belly was good!!! If u only wanna try 1 congee place... NATHAN CONGEE IT SHALL BE

📍錢江粥品 (it's actually not on google map I think)

But it's located on the left of langham place (not the jollibee) and it's along the street facing the main road.

They have the best 炒麵 (for a noodle lover this is good, but for a noodle lover who loves the noodle texture to be hard, this is great) I mean I usually pick hard noodles for my ramen... so if you ain't into that "hard noodle" choice then probably this isnt for you. 😋

📍Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園

I'm a super macaroni fan so how can the macaroni not be in this list??? I can't rmb if the chicken chop is nicer or pork chop but both should be good!!! And if u aint a macaroni fan, u can opt for beehoon or other choices on the menu.

Condensed milk bun is a yes from me. 😋 But it's rly very sweet. 😅


YES YES YES does this need any recommendations actually?

But people who doesnt appreciate 涼拌 probably won't like this. I'm someone who loves the ingredients they offer at the 百味面. Geez 🤤 Talking about it now makes me crave for it.

If you never try this, pls do not tell me you been to HK!!!!

Actually some locals there told me that they have no idea what this is ..... what even!?! 😑😤

I don’t know what magic they put in their sauce but once you tried it, you will definitely be hooked.

It is basically a snack served cold with noodles of your choice, ingredients and magic addictive chili garlic sauce!!

I’ll go back to HK anytime for this .... 100% hands down 😍😍😍

📍Butao ramen (ramen nagi)

So I heard alot of WOW WOW WOW reviews of butao ramen and i had to try. 🙂 I like the fact that I could choose cabbage > negi BUT I LOVE NEGI TOO TO BE FAIR ☺

This is one of my fav ramen. If u ask me this is better or tokyo's ichiran, this win hands down. 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

I havent try ichiran in hk before so this I shall leave to Ellen to talk about.

📍Honolulu Coffee Shop 檀島咖啡餅店

If you like flakey crust egg tart, this is the one!!!

I think I love it alot until I realised my tastebud don't rly like overly sweet stuff. No doubt ill still get this to munch on while walking around hong kong island 😂

📍Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌餅家

This is a try-it-if-you-pass-by-it.

I won't say it's mindblowing kind of nice but it's good lah for a reason. 😊 If you are not into flakey crust then this is your thing. The normal tart crust.

Somehow I am craving to eat this while typing 😂

Got mine from the pier cuz I happen to see it otw to hong kong island 😅

📍Hanjuku kobo 半熟工房

Appeared in my cheese tart list @pretzelove:250817 and ofc here


Beats bake cheese tart IMHO. I mean Bake cheese tart is good when frozen (yes I like frozen) but when it's piping hot, hanjuku kobo win hands down. 😋🤤😋🤤😋

But my memory somehow can't rmb if the matcha and chocolate ones are good. 😅

If you have a blackhole stomach like me or Goose (lol), you can try all 3 and decide for yourself 🙂

It was a rare opportunity to walk by an empty-ish store so I pop in not expecting to have my mind blown ... but it was “holy shit” moment when I took my first bite!!!

Oh yes, you bet I hand-carried as much as my hand held bag allowed me to!!! See how I even tucked one slanted at the side 😂🤣

You can be rest assured that Hanjuku hobo IS the best cheese tart .... oh yes it is true when TWO foodie says so!!!!

📍Honeymoon dessert

Usually not someone to reco too chain cafes/places but... this my friend...

Look at that taro inside!!!! 🤤🤤🤤

The one in sg didn't taste as good as the one in hk. I tried. 😪

I am unsure if this item is still on the menu but if it is... pls try this!!! It is definitely on the sweet side so if you are those who doesn't like sweet stuff then skip it.

(For a fact, I drink 0% bubble tea which alot of people gives me this 😟 face)

But I love this. Out of all the rest. 😋 Maybe cuz I love sago too? Just a warning first: It might get gelat after awhile 😅

📍Mr Softie (i dont know the EXACT locations but usually I see them in Mong kok)

10HKD if i rmb correctly. So its ard $1.70.
Not exactly cheap but I prefer this cone > McDonald's vanilla cone.

Something to try for experience (?) I guess. I personally like it 😙🤭 but wont personally HUNT for it.

If u see it, try it. 😉

📍Oddies Foodies

When it was in rage, I was like I HAVE TO EAT IT.

But it's just 雞蛋仔, soft serve and gelato with toppings. Oh and instagrammable. HAHAHA.

I got either the Night Wolf or Fancy pants. (Can't rmb)

Taste wise... nth special or WOW.

I mean if you wanna be fancy, WHY NOT? i rmb they have a few ice cream flavours if im not wrong. 😅

📍Arome 東海堂

Walk past this kiosk at the pier and was like "ICE CREAM!!!!" Somemore Hokkaido Milk. If you realise 2017 was the year of Hokkaido Milk things, hence the Hokkaido milk caught my attention.


But can't seem to bump into it other than that time at the pier so I didn't eat it for my 2018 trip. 😅

📍Via Tokyo

HOJICHA SOFT SERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont get the matcha one. I find it underwhelming. 😅

📍I cremeria

If you rly want matcha soft serve then go I cremeria 😁😉


Shoutout to this pull pork wrap!!! Love it. But this was in 2017. Not very sure if it's still on the menu not 😅

📍Urban Bakery Works

Located at Landmark, do you know they are the OG who created the whole salted egg croissant craze??

Oh yes, I take my pleasure VERY seriously!!!!

I mean .... would you just look at that oozing goodness!!!!

They also have the cheese version but I strongly urge you to pick the salted egg if you only have space for one!!!

I loved it so much that I bought 7 crossiant and lovingly hand-carried it back to Singapore for my family .... ALL of them gave their thumbs up for this!!!

📍Chung Kee Dessert 松記糖水店

It's a few shops down from ADC.

Their mango pudding is fucking good. 😋😋😋 I've been there 4 times and I ALWAYS GO THERE TO GET MY DESSERT FIX. No doubt this upcoming trip ill go there again.

They have this 咖啡木糖布甸!!! Very special item and I kinda like it but not LOVE IT ENOUGH TO EAT IT AGAIN.

Their 黑糯米 with coconut ice cream, 湯圓 all very good. I am pretty sure 90% of the thing is worth the calories. 😋

📍The Cheesecake Factory

If you have been to USA the you can skip this.

Reason why I tried this was I don't think ill be going USA any time soon (prefer to explore Europe) so TCF is one of my must go places last trip.

I tried the oreo cheesecake which I didnt find it nice.
Tried tiramisu cheesecake also didn't like it.

BUT i will try red velvet cheesecake or anyone wanna reco me a flavour that is a sure hit??? Any #dayrefoodies #dayrefatties out there to help me out?


Can't rmb the exact name but it has avocado / salsa or smth 😅 I'm sorry for the lack of foresight to recommend this dish 😂


If you haven’t tried this famous japan chain ramen, HK is the nearest joint to Singapore!!!

To be honest, I feel that butao is still better and their broth is richer than Ichiran.

But it is definitely something worth to give it a shot .... for the experience in the infamous single pax booth 😂

📍Kam’s goose

I usually find roasted meat and goose too oily for my liking. That’s why I love their sweet plum sauce!!

To be honest, if you are not bothered if it is duck or goose ... Kam’s have opened an outlet in Singapore!!!

OMG PLS ORDER THEIR ROASTED PORK THOUGH!!! Just look at that crispy ass skin 😭😱


Being a lover of hotpot, I can’t miss out on having a hearty meal in HK!!!

This place is decently crowded and their dishes are rather delicious!!!

I ordered the shark fin bone (sorry sharks!!!!) and it was alright ... not as great as BITP’s old version la

📍Uncle Tetsu

Another popular jap cheesecake brand to try if you haven’t tried in Japan!!

They are non stop freshly baked batch by batch the whole day so you can well assured that you are getting the freshest ones!!!

Mmmmm it was really a decently light and fluffy one like a good jap cheesecake

Yes I takeaway all back for my family again ..... am I nuts to want to share good food with others??? 😂

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Kozonis19 (avatar)

Kozonis19 Omg Nathan congee is THE bomb. I’ve only been to HK once years ago and my family and I stumbled upon this place and we couldn’t stop going back to eat it!!!! Even the kai lan was amazing lol. Plus it’s been years since then and I still think about it hahaha

2 months ago

snowkitty (avatar)

snowkitty Probably the only reason why i wanna go hkg for.. THE FOOD!! 😋

2 months ago

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Creamdream thanks for doing this compilation! can't wait to go back to HK!!!

2 months ago

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eternallurve @ellenxxxo is the hotpot name *****? 😂

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