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updated 2 months ago

Pregnancy brain is real

Last week I did a whole load of laundry... without laundry detergent.

Happily hung them up when the sun is bright and shining and wondered why my laundry didn't smell nice this time.

When it finally struck me I threw the wet clothes down, blinked in mortification and RAN to the bedroom, wailing the whole way "NOOOOOoooooOoo!!!!!"

Gary came out of the bathroom, alarmed, and asked me what's wrong.

In between the blankets I asked him "Baby, do you like dumb girls?" and told him.

It's so strange, I can't imagine making this mistake ever before this. I really hope this absent mindedness is temporary!!!!

Day 24

Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

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joleneanne (avatar)

joleneanne After that comes mommy brain 😜

2 months ago

ell3bites (avatar)

ell3bites is mommy brain super sharp, witty and quick????

2 months ago

ell3bites (avatar)

ell3bites @joleneanne oops i forgot to tag!

2 months ago

tantart (avatar)

tantart hah, my mommy brain is nothing of the above. I did laundry without detergent too fml

2 months ago

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