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March 2018

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Sharing some pics from our ROM day since some of you have been reading about Gary and I for so so so long (hi guys!) and to others who might want to follow up since our proposal story hehe. Also because dayre hasnt closed down so why not lol.

February 2018

The end of dayre is near! Thank you to everyone who left such sweet and supportive comments all these years. I loved dayre because I've always liked jotting down my thoughts, in a micro writing kind of way. I mostly love it because reading my old posts delight me wtf. Also, I used it a lot because my sisters use it and it's a nice to way connect to each other. I honestly wish I was less lazy about updating lol.

January 2018

So my younger sister has been seeing a guy, and she went for her third or fourth date yesterday.She was retelling the story to gary, my dad and i in the car about how before the date my mum was hounding Kat about the guy and she insisted that Kat asks what does his parents work as (such a mum question gosh). Kat awkwardly tried to ask during the dinner but she got distracted and forgot hahaha.

Gary and I were discussing about different bosses' approach and management styles the other day. Female bosses tend to micro manage a lot which can be annoying to the worker, hampers creativity but their meticulousness is also a very big advantage. So I was describing my boss' approach (who's also my dad) and I think I nailed the description:

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