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July 2019

Work ethic vs friendships

Dear Dayre, I’ve been thinking about this. Do you guys usually make friends with your colleagues, and if so, what about people you manage? Not necessarily a direct report - but at least a junior whose work you need to review and give feedback on. In those cases, have you ever struggled with trying to balance friendship and professionalism / doing your job as a manager?

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Tattoo progress

Dear Dayre,Thank you all for the really thoughtful and meaningful comments on my last post. I truly did not know so many people would feel the same way (I mean, I thought that there would be people somewhere out there who related to it, for sure, but I didn’t know who these people were and how accessible they would be). So thank you for showing me that a community of people right here has gone through very similar experiences, and is available for support. It really does bring me comfort.

A daughter’s guilt

Dear Dayre,Going to write about something quite personal to me today. I’ve spoken about this with a few of my friends before, but never dared to make it public on an online platform. But I was quite curious about your experiences.

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Coming clean about my tatt

Dear Dayre,I did a big thing today. I told my mom about a secret I’d been carrying with me for close to 10 years now.

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