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10 things about travelling solo ✈

i havent used stickers in a while and i realised they are all free to use now... hahahahahaha

anyway its been weeks since i came bsck from Korea and i just wanna share some of my experiences of travelling solo for 9 days!!!

In summary: i had a friend with me for 5 days for my 2 week korea trip and i spent the last 9 days alone aka travelling by myself!!

There are pros and cons but im gonna generalize it bc diff people have diff perspectives on them!!!! This is just my own :-)

1) Being super organized / having a solid plan

Whenever i go on trips with my friends, the shared excel sheet always look like that HAHAHA like it has to be colour coded and details have to be concise too!! ok la i think this one is pretty normal bc it helps me search for directions easier esp when im using maps.

tip: to use naver maps instead of google maps in korea, its much much more accurate using naver!!! language can be set to english in the app.

Initially my plan was to go free and easy bc you are technically on your own but no.... i realised i needed a solid plan to feel more secure. I obviously didnt follow everything but it helped me to set a direction on where i will be going for the day. I tend to plan my itinerary in such a way that its easy to travel from place A to B (eg. On the same subway line)

I set a rough timing for some placss since there were many places i wanted to cover in a day! Helped a lot with time management!!

2) OTOT / Flexibility

BUT!!! just bc i have a solid plan, like i said i dont follow them point to point, because travelling solo means you can change your plans easily!!! One example was i was intending to visit Times Square after my day trip to Bucheon but after finding out Stray Kids had a public fansign i changed my plans completely, which i think its something i wouldnt do if i have a friend with me bc i tend to be more accommodating if i have someone else in the trip!!!

3) Doing what you yourself want to do

English sounds off there... well anyw what i mean is for this trip i was really excited and planned to visit a lot of stationery shops!!! But life doesnt work out easy all the time... some shops are pretty out of the way and to me i dont mind travelling since im alr in the country itself. But i might not be able to do the same if i have someone around esp if we dont have the same interest. Which im glad that i was able to visit a lot of shops off my list ;;;;;;

4) Lonely vs Alone

I feel like this is something a lot of people have a dilemma about??? I mean having a company definitely feels nicer bc there is at least someone there WITH you. Tbh for the first 2(????) days i was worried bc it feels TOTALLY different without another person there. There wasnt there anyone i could talk to and it was really... just me alone.

BUT i got used to being alone pretty quickly and i actually really really liked that feeling of just... travelling by myself!!

Do i feel lonely??? Hmm i would say that there are some instances that i do.... but 4/5 of the times i feel great by myself.

I think there is a very vast difference between being alone and feeling lonely. I mean, not related but you can feel lonely even when you are with a group of people. Its just really the matter of time of whether you are able to get used to being alone.

Ok i gotta admit tho.. that i did felt lonely during the one day trip :$

5) Being your own photographer

Unfortunately when you travel solo u gotta be your own photographer or u can always ask anyone who is walking past to do so!! but rhe 2nd option.. i didnt have the guts to do it hahaha i tried ONCE and did the rest by myself aftwards

I dont think its that common here where ppl take their own photos using a tripod tho :-( tho i did bring it around with me but i always have no balls to take it out esp when there are huge crowds ;;

I feel like this is the BIGGEST con of travelling alone :-(

but honestly to me it doesnt matter a lot bc u can always selfie or use a selfie stick. That is definitely more common here.

And actually using a tripod is harder than expected haha i have to keep running back and forth esp if its on timer and i obviously have failed shots la HAHAHAHA

Honestly if you are the kind that rlly heck care about what ppl think then its ok la go overseas who will recognize u anyway right 🤔

6) Eating alone

Funnily, my friends worry about this for me but i never find this a problem??? The problem(s) commonly face (that i actually never face) are if you wanna try a variety of food but u have to limit because you are alone OR if u wanna go for bbq or stuffs then its a bit hard but for me its rlly fine eh

And like i have gotten used to eating alone in SG so doing the same in Korea is fine!! And its getting more common to do so there.

But one good thing about eating alone is eating freely HAHA

I can eat at ungodly timings, i can eat 靈靈碎碎 such as just grabbing triangular kimbaps and my meal is settled or i can even skip meals (if you realise i had 2 meals here most of the time).

I do have to admit its a little hard to find places that accept solo diners but if you make the effort to find its possible to find one!!!!

7) Sleeping alone

This was my mum's biggest concern😂😂😂😂😂 so i told her that i would stay in a guesthouse bc i really didnt mind shared bathroom and facilities, in fact its good if you wanna save cost too. And what i like about the guesthouse i stayed in was that its a 4 bed female room and because the beds are separated by curtains and a pushable wall, its like you are not alone but alone HAHAHA I MEAN AT LEAST U KNOW SOMEONE ELSE IS IN THE ROOM😂😂

8) Stepping out of your comfort zone

This can be really hard but its inevitable!!! For eg when asking for help and stuffs, i think its really important to step out of your comfort zone to do so especially since you are alone. With a friend, at least you have someone familiar there to help each other.

Many times i had to ask for directions (and in korean) and sometimes even koreans asked me for directions😂😂

Talking about that, going to a country with a different language really makes a lot of difference.

A lot of them understand english to a certain extent so its fine!! But there are some which spoke to me in korean first and sometimes i just dont feel confident to reply back in korean bc im afraid i would say something wrong but hey!!! In some i just decided to go ahead with whatever i learned and it makes you feel that sense of satisfaction. I think it helps in boosting a lot of confidence :-)

Oh and stepping of your comfort zone can also mean making new friends!!! I managed to make one to meet for the skz fancon but hey one is better than nothing!!! And really im just thankful that i made at least one. I unfortunately didnt make any at my guesthouse bc their stays were all rlly short so ;;

9) Being independent - your own responsibility and surviving... on your own

Travelling solo means its really really depending solely on yourself (and asking for help if there are people around you). Having someone with you, at least you kind of can depend on each other but being alone feels really different. I have to be alert in terms of travelling to unfamiliar places and you really have to be responsible for whatever you do.

For eg. I started to panick when i took the train, bus, dropped off at the wrong stop and you gotta find solutions on your own.

Honestly it gets really scary esp at night hahahaha i remembered missing my stop and the next stop was like super far away and i internally panicked BUT LUCKILY the train station was just a few steps away so thankfully. Idk next time i will ever get this lucky haha but it makes you really be on your feet when you are on your own!

And it builds on your independence i guess. Which is something im really glad it happened.

10) Learning new things about yourself

I really learned a lot of things about myself during the trip. And its... amazing bc you kind of realise or find out things that you never thought you would!!!

- im more blur overseas😒 which explains the shit tons of problems i faced with transport. Did i mention this. I went to shower and only realise i didnt bring my towel in AFTER im done showering lolol
- i choose stationeries > food (yes i rather save up on food... helpz)
- sleep > fangirling (i have aged a ton.... internally)

- if i have to choose to live in a cold or hot country... i definitely choose hot lololol
- my korean still sucks lmaoOooOoOOo
- my love for nature really grew a lot from this trip, which explained why i visited several parks hehe
- im an emotional bij that cries at everything lol

and many more!! i learned to be more grateful and thankful for whatever that happened!!!! this trip has really been nothing but fulfilling to me 🍃🙂

11/10 ONE MORE TIME!!!✈

definitely wanna go on another solo trip next time hehe tho my mum might not allow lol lets see i think this time she rlly closed one eye and im just rlly thankful that she allowed me to do so!!!

this trip made me so happy bc i got to experience my favourite season🌸 and i managed to do SO many things in a span of 2 weeks (thank you The Secret 😚) and i met my old friends and made new friends and im just!!! when i look back now i really had so so so much fun ;; ❤

im aiming for a solo taiwan trip maybe next year or so bc i did mentioned that i dont rlly wanna visit korea again next year... ahahahaha but dont take what i say seriously bc remembered when i said my last kpop event last year😒😒😒😒😒😒 but i hope the taiwan trip happens!!!!!! If my mum gives me the green light too hHAHAHAHA

With that, till my next trip in June ✈🇹🇭

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Sunday, 12 May 2019

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thyloveinfrance (avatar)

thyloveinfrance omg your itinerary is crazyyyy

1 month ago

eighttotheten (avatar)

eighttotheten @thyloveinfrance 😂😂😂😂😂😂 BUT I DIDNT FOLLOW IT WORD BY WORD HAHA

1 month ago

stainedcoffeemug (avatar)

stainedcoffeemug Came across your blog while I was searching for itinerary for korea and so glad I came across it. Will be going to Korea on a sola trip for 8 days next month and this post gv me comfort ❤️

3 weeks ago

eighttotheten (avatar)

eighttotheten @stainedcoffeemug hello im glad that this post helped you a little!!!! im sure you will have loads of fun in your trip!!! loneliness aside, it will definitely be a great experience!!! 🤗😌

3 weeks ago

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