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August 2019

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KL recommendations please 🙏🏻

After 28 years, I discovered something new and completely unexpected about myself.

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How to eat free jamón

Don’t judge me. This stuff is mad expensive here. I always eye it longingly at Cold Storage as I walk past the atas section to get to my house brand ham. And D has like 10 packets of them sitting in his fridge! His mom brought them over. It’s 10x less of the price here 😭

July 2019

He said yes

Last night, as we were cosied up in bed, with him reading the news, and me studying my notes, I decided to pluck up the courage and pop the question.

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Attended a friend’s bday party yesterday. She’s Thai and we met at a class through ClassPass! Haha it’s funny how with some people, you just click + connect. But there’re people whom you see every day and just cannot imagine opening up to. So the theme of the party was...

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Doing my hair in JB / Playing tourist in Singapore

Decided to go into jb alone ytd to do my hair. My friend and I have been going in almost monthly since last year to stock up on random groceries and fill our tummies with (oilier, tastier, and of course cheaper) food. But since I wanted to do my hair this time, I didn’t want my friend to wait hours for me so I decided to just go in on my own. It was a mad rush! Ugh it’s hard to book train tickets these days?

June 2019

I dreamt that I went to Tenerife for a weekend date and my date stood me up! Hahaha wtf right who travels so far for a weekend anyway.We flew in together and it was so so beautiful. The airport was right ON the beach and you could see the clear blue waters and white sand from the immigration counters.

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