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My first ride at CruCycle | Spin class rankings 🏆

My first ride at Cru today coupled with my first ride at Ground Zero yesterday marks my complete bucket list of studios I want to spin at at least once 😂

Yayyyy!! 5 days into 2019 and I did 2 spin classes + 1 yoga class good job me 🥳 I came home late yesterday after GZ and woke up early today to spin at Cru my mom asked me

“Are you exercising abit too much?” LMAO this is a first, she always laments I’m lazy.

My class was at 12.20PM but since it’s my first time at Cru I wanted to be there early! I think I reached at 12.10PM and went to sign the waiver form when they asked me if I’m a first timer. Apparently the folks at Crucycle will pick out a locker for first timers and have a WELCOME XXX! written on the front of it.

I didn’t get it maybe cos I came in early and they didn’t have time to prepare??? 😥😥😥

They also didn’t rly show me where everything was so I thought the welcome exp was pretty bad

Classroom size is about 35 or something? At first when I went in I thought the bikes were suuuuuper close to one another. Maybe I’m just used to the space in AC haha it wasn’t so bad when I rode on it 👌🏼 My instructor was Kenny and today’s class is a theme ride (which is why I did 2 spin classes in about 15 hours LMAO).

One Direction x 5SOS x The Vamps

I was so so excited!!!!! The welcome song while we were setting up our bikes was Kiss You hehehe got me pumped and ready for class.

The bikes at Cru is different from the rest of the classes I’ve been. I felt that it’s of better quality? I’m not sure if it’s psychological but it was nicer to ride on. The design of the handle bars were also different but it functions the same way! A big difference for me is that I found it easier to set up the bikes at Cru than any other studio

The bikes are a hinge system rather than a screw system and sometimes at AC I have trouble unscrewing because it’s super tight. I got my bike set up within 2 mins or something, super fast with no help hehehe 😊

Also I felt that it was very hard to unclip??? I usually unclip my shoes off the bike super fast because I would prob be dying and wanna GTFO ASAP but wah I had to put in so much effort to unclip at Cru!!!

I’m not sure why cos it’s the same way as everywhere else 🤷🏻‍♀️

Since I’m reviewing the facilities, I’ll just quickly talk abt the showers too! Cru has 3 shower cubicles and wowowow it was such a gr8 experience showering 😂 They have a rain shower and a shower hose and the cubicle itself was huge with like a bench and a small bin which I thought was so thoughtful 😌

Amenities are all provided with hairdryers too! Not sure if it’ll be crowded during an AM class but I think the facilities are 💯

Forgot to mention there’s a doggie at Cru so all you doggie lovers can rejoice!!!! I felt a furry animal brush pass my legs while registering and got a shock I jumped 😂😂😂

The Ride 🚴🏻‍♀️

‘‘Twas pretty intense I feel. Actually I think every spin class is intense, regardless of studio 😂 Some instructors are super motivational to the point where it’s kind of annoying as if you’re in a religious setting. I thought today’s instructor was one of the least “religious” but he was still motivating the class to press on!

The moves are pretty standard - jumping, sexy corners, pulses, push and tap back. There was a part where he got us to pulse and clap, that one I found it challenging

The minimum weight is (I think) 2kg! Sometimes I think to myself boOm’s weights are like 6/8/10kg how come 2+2kg feels so heavy??? Needless to say I didn’t do as well as I usually do during the weights section.

There is also an additional new section that I don’t usually experience at other studios. So we’ll set the bike to 10-12 turns (I reckon that’s maybe 6-8 turns on the AC bike)

Then there’s a lever on the resistance knob where you can flip to the right and it will DOUBLE your existing resistance (so 10-12 turns will become 20-24 turns hahahaha idk). The high resistance will prevent us from cycling and we will do crutches and ab work out by leaning back on the bike 😰😰😰

So far I only do weights and cool down stretches on the bike la I never do ab exercises on the bike before so I think this was a rather thorough full body work out

Because it’s a themed ride today, I thought the music was good (duh!!!) The first track was 1D’s Drag Me Down 😍😍😍 Followed by 5SOS’s She Looks So Perfect. From here on, I didn’t pay attention to the sequence because I was panting and breathless but there was Little Things (1D), What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, etc. I think there was maybe 80% 1D songs and 10% 5SOS 10% The Vamps 😂 Not complaining!!!! I rly miss 1D sigh!!! Also first time I’m so breathless listening to 1D’s songs HAHA

I must also make mention there is *NO* neon lights ok!!!! When V told me her exp at Cru she say it’s like a room with black out curtains LMAO. I sleep with black out curtains so I’m v familiar with that and indeed it was exactly like what she mentioned 😂

Every other studio I’ve been to has fancy lights except this so pls lower your expectations when it comes to the funky lightings! The only lights are white bright lights, yellow lights (when the instructor says LOOK AT HOW GOOD YOU ARE!!!!)

As well a lone spot light on the instructor. Iirc that’s about it!!!

I’ve 2 more classes and I’ll update here again if my thoughts change but so far I quite like Cru!

With that said... Here’s my overall ranking of the studios I’ve attended classes at:

The Rankings 🏆

1. Absolute Cycle

2. CruCycle

3. Sync Cycle

4. Ground Zero & Absolute You - TIED
(I think AY’s space is small compared to AC and the toilets are dirtier)

5. Anthem 45

#dayrefitness #alyexercise #crucycle

Day 5

Saturday, 5 Jan 2019

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summerskies (avatar)

summerskies How is Cru!! 😍

1 month ago

fresaquivi (avatar)

fresaquivi Omg how was cru!!! My Friend wants to go try

1 month ago

auntybunny (avatar)

auntybunny Pls review. Dying to try cru

1 month ago

jenellpaidgen (avatar)

jenellpaidgen not surprising! Cru’s front desk experience has always been a bit... rough

1 month ago

ehlisen (avatar)

ehlisen @summerskies @fresaquivi @auntybunny Done!! I have 2 more classes and will add on as I go along! 😊

@jenellpaidgen But my friends got the welcome locker 🥺 i thought that was v thoughtful. A pity I didn’t get that

1 month ago

summerskies (avatar)

summerskies Ooh thanks! I 100% am w that ranking too 😊

1 month ago

auntybunny (avatar)

auntybunny I thought the trial classes are at 2 for $50, are they having a promo? Cos it seems u have 3 rides!

1 month ago

ehlisen (avatar)

ehlisen I replied aunty personally but here’s the cost if anyone’s wondering:
Trial (2 x class) : $50 (no themed rides
1 x class (after 20% discount): $15
Total: $65 for 3 classes 😊

1 month ago

pxsxj (avatar)

pxsxj hi! may I ask if the 20% is a promo? thank you :)

1 month ago

ehlisen (avatar)

ehlisen @pxsxj Yup

1 month ago

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