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Aly’s Dream #21

Last night in between slumber and consciousness, I dreamt that my family and I had to shift. I was very upset and when I was awake I started thinking how much I love love love my current place. In my whole life, I think I’ve shifted thrice, so I’ve stayed in a total of 4 houses. I don’t rmb much of my first place because I only stayed there till I was 3 so most of my memory comes from my second house onwards. #alysdreams

I’ve been at my current for about 8 years (wow time flies!!!!!) and I’ve been generally happy since I shifted. Since then, my relationship w my parents is the best it’s ever been and I don’t have any bad memories associated to this house. I shifted when I was in JC1 and honestly, moving on to a new school, new house and new environment was a breath of fresh air I never knew I needed.

My previous place (a condo) was tainted with too many overly sad yet wonderful memories with people that I’ve cut out from my life. Memories that are too much of a burden for me to bear and being in that environment stopped me from letting go and moving on with my life.

While we stayed there for about 4ish years, a lot of bad things happened in my fam as well. So on hindsight, even with the facilities and proximity to school etc, it was never home.

I rmb crying at the BBQ pit in front of block 220 on the night my baby cousin was born (2 days after my 15th bday!!!).

I rmb sitting by the pool EVERY SATURDAY till 10.30PM just talking about life and praying very hard that my mom will not catch me slacking and wasting time downstairs 🤭.

I rmb being by the pool again at 4AMish because my parents locked the door and I couldn’t go home (LOL I was supposed to stay over at a friend’s but we quarrelled so I came home early)

I rmb sneaking around the estate time and time again 🤦🏻‍♀️

They were all fun and experiential for a 14/15 yro but now I rly value the freedom, independence and trust I have.

Last night’s dream reminded me how far I have come and while it is not all that 15 yro me imagined myself to be, I think I’m close 😌

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Saturday, 9 Feb 2019

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