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W K N D S 🥳

I had such a great great weekend ☺️ Surprisingly I don’t have Monday blues which is a perfect end to start the week too!

I rmb on Monday I told my colleagues that the week barely started but I can’t wait for the weekends already!!! Because I knew this week would be an exciting one, esp Saturday where we had my cousin’s bridal party 👰🏻 so I couldn’t wait for the weekends to arrive! 😊

Dashed out of the office to meet my dear JP!!! The last time I met her was in Nov when we went to JB but we’ve texted so much since because I started watching 流星花园 and I’d always text her to discuss the plot 😂 she kept telling me that she has a lot of other shows to recommend me after I’m done.

I’m now watching Love O2O and we have decided that we want to go to another part of China during my birthday weeek!!!!! 😆

Pop culture is a real influence because i was never super interested to visit China. I think after my trip to Shanghai really opened up my mind and heart.

We had dinner at Muchachos (not great at all. GYG is my first love!!!) 🌮🌯🥑 and then ended up at Operation Dagger for a quick drink hehe

Finally figured out WeChat pay and I think we’re gonna have a blast tgt!!!! Can’t wait and am so excited 😄

I had an early start on Saturday because my cousins and I are snacks IC for the bridal shower hehehe


We took longer than expected because the party was on a yacht and it was docked at ONE15 Marina!!! I used to service some clients previously but I’ve never even set foot there hahaha didn’t know it was so inaccessible oh well

Our trusty yacht Kingdom with the bride! 👰🏻

The bride’s sisters (also my cousins) blindfolded her and got her safely on board the yacht 😂

Prepped lots of food for the partay!!! 🥳

Das right 🍆😂

We did some introductory and im rly vvv thankful and happy we managed to pull off our cousin’s trip to Bali tgt back in 2015! This was before I turned 21 and at that time all 5 of us were single. Shortly after, S met E thru my cousin QP and the rest is history

Baby us 👶🏻 in Bali!! S & I really got so much closer on this trip!!! Not forgetting our mass cousin’s clubbing 2 years back, this time E joined us and got all of us drunk HAHAHA @ehlisen:290117

I was actually very scared cos the waves were super choppy otw to Lazarus island 😰

I had brought along my swimsuit but realise that there’s no jacuzzi and if I swam in the ocean there isn’t any showers on the yacht so I didn’t change in the end hehehe 😅

We got off the yacht and walked around Lazarus but it was so FREAKING HOT we went back to chit chat and suntan (not me, I tan super easily eeek)

The charter was for about 4 hours and time rly flew by!!! We got off the yacht and presented the bride with our wedding gift. Me and my cousins actually gave her a separate gift and she used the customised chop for her wedding invites yay!!

But here is everyone with our tropical outfit 😎🌴

Them gurls suntanning while I hide in the shade haha

Our yacht Kingdom ⛴

We then adjourned to Joe & The Juice for more talking hehehe here’s one pic with my niece who joined us afterwards

Sunday 🥰

I woke up at 1PMish to my best friend calling me and asking me if we’re still gg to HKK’s place. HKK is my secondary school A Math teacher hahahaha

God damn I used to HATE A MATH. Actually I still do wow. I didn’t forget to tell him not a single day has passed since I grad that I had to use Dy/Dx ok!!!!

Anw we met at Hilion (I have a straight bus to CKK/BP folks!! Only takes me 10 mins yeehaw 🥳) and he drove us over to HKK’s place.

We spent the whole afternoon catching up and talking HAHAHA. My extroverted soul is refreshed after 2 whole days of social activities but my physics self is dying super tired!!!

Didn’t take any pix but here’s a boomerang my bf took of us eating mookata HAHA

I never ever thought that 10 years later at a ripe age of 25, I’d be bitching with my A Math teacher hahahaha

Day 48

Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

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