February 2019

Aly’s Dream #21

Last night in between slumber and consciousness, I dreamt that my family and I had to shift. I was very upset and when I was awake I started thinking how much I love love love my current place. In my whole life, I think I’ve shifted thrice, so I’ve stayed in a total of 4 houses. I don’t rmb much of my first place because I only stayed there till I was 3 so most of my memory comes from my second house onwards. #alysdreams

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Took some panadol before drifting in and out of sleep. Told my dad I still wasn’t feeling well so I skipped visiting my family friend. Woke up at 12ish and my mom boiled chrysanthemum tea for me with oats for lunch!!! Watched abit of Queer Eye and popped another panadol cos I’m still feeling achey everywhere!!! Napped awhile and I’m off to my cousin’s place for steamboat. I’m not rly a steamboat person but I enjoy every 初二’S steamboat very much 😊

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CNY is getting easier and faster for me every year πŸ˜‚ I even have time to take my yearly passport photo hehehe Used the wrong lens this year (55-70mm) instead of my usual prime lens so my photos look superrrrrr zoomed in LOL it still looks ok I guess! #aoylcny

January 2019

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Fyre Fail & KOL marketing

I was one of the MANY who heard about Fyre via Instagram. I would say out of the 10 supermodels invited to front the promo video of Fyre, I followed AT LEAST 7. Off the top of my head there was Nadine Leopold (love!!!), Elsa Hosk (also love!!!), Bella Hadid (meh), Chanel Iman, Gizelle Oliveira (in VSFS 2017, she walked the runway after Ming Xi who fell and graciously helped her up - I thought she was rly nice but maybe it was just to help improve her rep after Fyre πŸ˜‚), Em Rata, Lais Riberio


I am very very behind this but I recently got acquired to be part of V’s Netflix fam and I’ve been binge watching Meteor Garden, the 2018 China edition. I watched about 39 episodes in a week and I’m not sure how but 45 mins seem so short and the ease of playing the next episode/skipping intros make time pass way too fast. I’ve never watched the 2001 Taiwan edition and I also didnt watch Boys Over Flowers so the plot is entirely new to me.

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My first ride at CruCycle | Spin class rankings πŸ†

My first ride at Cru today coupled with my first ride at Ground Zero yesterday marks my complete bucket list of studios I want to spin at at least once πŸ˜‚Yayyyy!! 5 days into 2019 and I did 2 spin classes + 1 yoga class good job me πŸ₯³ I came home late yesterday after GZ and woke up early today to spin at Cru my mom asked me “Are you exercising abit too much?” LMAO this is a first, she always laments I’m lazy.

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