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Someone 10840km away from home 😢

November 2017

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Sometimes I wonder who do I missed more? 🤔

May 2017

I'm so tired from finals! I never felt this tired before in my education journey. Last year was this bad but I think when they cramped everything all into a short duration of time, it's damn tiring! 😭

April 2017

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Sometimes I wonder, when will I be able to meet the one who's special to me and I'm special to her too 🤔 Or maybe I just have to be alone all my life?

March 2017

Fucking faggots! If u want to make so much noise cant u do it at your own place instead of mine! Fuck!

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I just felt like giving up at times! Hate myself for the inconsistency!Hate it that I can be back home with my friends and family but at the same time scared that I ain't improving!

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This year hasn't really been very kind to me. Probably the busiest year I had from my educational journey! Reports after reports, exam after exams! Just hope everything will smooth sailing and allow me to clear this academic year! 2.5 months more till my flight home, I really hope I could be able to mend things up with you and not leave things like how it is now as it's really depressing 😔

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