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ENFP. May be borderline obsessed with my Son.

April 2019

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Wow delivery was Super quick!

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Insomnia!!! I’m wide awake at 1:32am which isn’t good for my wallet cos I carted out my mother’s day gift to myself hahahaha Yes I’m thick skinned like this. Shall thank my clueless snoring Husband for his generous gift tomorrow which he bought unknowingly in his sleep 🤣🤣🤣

March 2019

Sakura season in japan and I miss / wanna be back in japan 😭Easily my favourite country in the world. I told A he’d make me world’s happiest Wife just by gg with me to japan once a year lololNot happening this year but I already have a semi itinerary of where I wanna go when we next head back 😪

January 2019

I keep telling myself I am gonna konmari the heck out of the clutter we have at home (it’s frightening) but it’s 14 days into January and we have done NO Kon-mari-ingClearly, the mind is willing but the flesh is weak. Hahahaha! On that note though, I got my helper to scrub the grout with Clorox and detergent and holy moly my tiles were ALMOST back to the way they looked when we moved in.I said almost cos it’s 85% and that’s good enough for me la

If 2018 has taught me anything. It would have to be

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