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Working with a cold is the worst. Spent the weekend on call with a trickly nose and my usual hacking cough and left me in tears at times from all the coughing.

Thankfully I still was able to sleep and didn’t get any emergency surgeries or airway calls.

It got so bad I staring googling when a cold peaked, because I was feeling so terrible I couldn’t imagine getting any worse. I also started to feel like this was how it was going to be forever.

Today, thankfully, I’m feeling better. Still a bit of a cough, but I was able to complete a full surgical case without going into a coughing fit.

I was desperately hoping I wouldn’t get sick but it’s a rite of passage every winter. At least once I’m done with this cold I’m usually okay for the rest of the winter season.

And at least my weekend on call is over.

Day 7

Monday, 7 Jan 2019

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