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updated 2 months ago

Looked back at my old posts and, wow, I was brimming with optimism and good feels. Now, I just get bogged down my the hum drum same old day after day.

I still have this cold. It makes me sympathise with the sinusitis patients more, because this is what they deal with every day for months and years, the nasal congestion and mucus and nose blowing. It makes me tired to keep coughing so much; my head feels like it’s going to burst.

These days, a good day is when I get to leave early. (Maybe this is coloured by this cold I have). But dragging myself out at 5:30am this morning, I felt like I just wanted to go back to sleep. And after rounds, I couldn’t bring myself to check in with the OR cases. The best thing that happened today was that I got home at 3:15pm and could go back to sleep.

Day 9

Wednesday, 9 Jan 2019

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karmen_a (avatar)

karmen_a Get well soon!

2 months ago

earlgreylatte (avatar)

earlgreylatte @karmen_a thank you! i’m sure i’ll be better soon but right now it’s not fast enough.

2 months ago

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