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In the mess and confusion, I realised the glove that I had put on had fallen off, and the patient’s blood was all over my hand and under my fingernails. And I had a tiny cut under my fingernail. Which meant that I had a blood-borne exposure. Ugh. This patient had HIV, so this meant weeks of taking prophylactic HAART therapy. This sucks. Maybe this cut isn’t so bad? Is it really a cut? Maybe I didn’t get exposed? Why was I so careless ... AGAIN???

Also, how on earth did my glove just fall off??

.... and then I woke up ....

Sometime my dreams are too real.

But this exact situation happened a few weeks ago, minus the cut. A patient with HIV and hepatitis was bleeding all over, I had double gloved and worn a protective gown but after the whole harrowing event was over I found blood under my fingernails. Which meant that both gloves broke. Thankfully my skin was intact, otherwise it would mean weeks of anti-viral therapy.

But in the dream, I felt extra annoyed because exact situation had happened JUST A FEW WEEKS AGO. And now I get another exposure again!!!!!?????

I was definitely relieved when I woke up. And then had to go to work on a snowy Sunday.

Life trudges on.

Day 13

Sunday, 13 Jan 2019

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saltnpepa (avatar)

saltnpepa Arghgggg that’s the worst, weeks of worrying until the next repeat blood test 😩 not to mention the side effects of antiretroviral therapy.

2 months ago

earlgreylatte (avatar)

earlgreylatte @saltnpepa YA. blood tests for 6 months 😕😕😕😕😕

2 months ago

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