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Morbiditity and mortality conference is when the entire department meets to discuss patient complications and deaths in the past few months.

In past years I’d just sit at the back and listen as people argued and put in various comments, warranted or unwarranted.

Today’s conference had a few patients whom I was responsible for. And it felt different. My decisions were on the line. I felt defensive.

Shouldn’t have removed that drain, should have looked closer at that x-ray, should have, shouldn’t have, things may be different. I don’t know, would it have changed anything?

But then, as the conference wore on, I realised deflecting blame and pointing fingers wasn’t the point of it. Sure, that might be some people’s agenda. But, first and foremost, it is an opportunity to be open and forthcoming about how things went wrong and how we should change.

And so. To let go of pride. To drop my ego. And accept responsibility. And learn. And be better.

Day 28

Monday, 28 Jan 2019

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saltnpepa (avatar)

saltnpepa I hate how m&ms tend to get abit ugly but I love the drama tho😛

1 month ago

earlgreylatte (avatar)

earlgreylatte @saltnpepa yes. BRING UR POPCORN.

1 month ago

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