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daily/weekly rambles of mine

August 2019

terrible day at workhumans r so nasty this particular nationality fucked everything up, sucking up to whoever has power and made a fucking big issue WHEN THERE WAS NO ISSUE AND MADE THE WHOLE VILLAGE COME DOWN JUST BECAUSE HE CAN’T CALM HIS TITS AND MADE A BIG FUSS OUT OF NOTHING ZZZZZZZseriously these people should just fuck off from our society ok if you can’t treat everyone as an equal, thinking that another race is BENEATH you and so you scold them like fuck, then just fuck off ok

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why is it wrong to seek better opportunities when you are able to? I don’t see the logic in that and i’m so riled up thinking about thatbaby boomers 😑

i am so exhausted that i just KO-ed once i showered and settled minute stuff last night tuition back to back everyday after work is so fking tiring leh 😭 I have no time to do shit that I want to do ZZ but cannot complain because i know foreign workers earn $25/day lol

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er got influenced (lol) to be diligent in masking so ok! Monday was day 1 of masking and I used one of the mask from a 5 day sampler box from mamode that D got for me a while back! And honestly it’s pretty good!!! not too thick but not too thin and the mask adhered really well to my face! Plus, it didn’t give me any itchy feeling (some cheap masks do) so ok this mask pass!!!

Got several calls from other (big!!) companies to see if i was interested in their available positions and yesssss i ammmmm!going down for one of the interview right now as I’m typing this and honestly deep down i kinda know i won’t be able to do well for the interview??? idk why also but i just feel it 😭 Haven’t had time to fully sit down to research for the interview because of work + had tuition twice this week so i am DRAINED and so I just read the minimal and gonna try take

July 2019

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Just trying my luck here but is there anyone interested in this?Let me know if you are interested!!!

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