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So I redownload Dayre. I stopped last year mostly because I don't really....see the point haha. But I guess it's good to have a place to talk to myself at. Usually Twitter is when I go there and rage, but I usually have more things to say than a few hundred words lol. I'm still confused about how the "days" work here though HAHAHAHA is it counting down to end of the year????? Not sure. But I shall just post muahaha

I reread some of my past dayre which was almost a month ago.. And wow. It's like recapping my past moments. It's so weird haha. I think dayre is a place where you rant and say your thoughts, and then it gets lost forever, buried.

I kinda like that idea. HAHA

So ET just left sg to Malaysia for a gig, and will only reach sg on Sunday afternoon, and thereafter going straight to esplanade for another gig. Busy man 😒

I'm gonna take pictures of my clay stuff and update handxmade blog. Really neglected handxmade's social media for so long cause of unexpected work, both accounting and video ops. I managed to make a few things but those took awhile too. So much for "full time crafter" *bitter laugh*

Talking about work, yesterday I was looking at aiclay's Instagram account because I want to purchase her pocket kitchen. Aiclay is a Singapore based crafter who makes miniature food.

Now I've never tried making miniature food, so I wanted to get her pocket kitchen, (which is basically a kit she used 2 years to planned and make, includes tools and clay and many other things), so I will be spurred to start making miniature food.

It IS too pricey for me, $230 for the kit. But honestly, the amount of effort she put in and the fact that everything is in one single place is the main point. There's also tutorials and custom made tools. It really is worth it, despite the fact that I myself already have a lot of tools....and the kemper stamps too 😭 BUT IT NEVER HURTS TO HAVE MORE HAHAHA. I'm excited for the tutorials though 😁

I also got a $10 discount code from xoxrufus (I saw a screenshot of her review video on both hers and aiclay's Instagram) and being the cheapo I am (essential since I'm living alone now and feeling broke every single day) I quickly went to buy it.

So since I was at aiclay's Instagram, I scrolled through what she posted. And realise that she's looking for an assistant!! Bao ga liao assistant (BGL) haha it was super cute, the way she put it.

I immediately sent her an unintentionally (😣) long ass email, telling her I'm interested. Now the post was about 1 week long, and I'm kinda afraid that she already found someone 😭

I really hope she will consider me though, and honestly I don't expect much money also, cause it's gonna be like an internship for me, and I'll be learning A LOT.

I check my mail almost every hour since I sent that email. Even if there's no notificication. And ET will be like "stop checking your email" lol

I'm really getting anxious. And even though I know I should be giving her at least 48 hours to review and reply....I'm still very impatient.

This will be the first job I wanted for the first time in my life.

Even though my life is still pretty short since I'm only 20 lol hahahaha.

But really. I've worked in so many department, went to school for smth I thought I will like but to realise it's not smth I want to do. Sales, front desk, kitchen, waitress. I have no interest in ANY of those.

I really hope she'll contact me soon. Even if she found someone and need to reject me, or contact me to ask more about me (to see if I really am suitable), at least I know she read the email LOL. Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!

This is literally how I feel LUL

Day 324

Friday, 20 Nov 2015

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