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Cat Safari

• 10:51am •

Woke up in the morning with swollen eyes thanks to Absolute Boyfriend hahahahaa. Gonna let it rest awhile before I clay! ET's not coming over tonight so I've got the whole day and whole night to clay!

I try not to do anything that require my attention (like dayreing) whenever I'm around with people, and I was with someone the entire day ytd!

So it's a day late, but let me post about my day with Ariane at Cat Safari! 😍


Ariane was the one who asked me out, and honestly, I don't think I'd go out with anyone unless the other party asked me to. I've had gone out with people who I asked out and it was so awkward and boring. So I stopped doing that. I'd rather stay at home and craft LOL.

But Ariane was really sweet and friendly, and when we say "okay let's go tgt!" We actually did!!!

Okay a bit of background, Ariane is actually ET's friend, ET plays for her for some of her gigs!

The first few time we saw each other it was awkward, and for some reason she added me on FB, which I accepted cause I know who she is (even though not very close haha) she kept commenting on my FB shares, since I always share stuff that is funny and entertaining to me and I guess she feels the same way!

She started chatting with me on FB really suddenly also HAHAHA and we just chit chat a little.

She was like "DO YOU LIKE CATS? LET'S GO TO CAT CAFE OR SMTH" and she actually went to research and found Cat Safari in SG!!

She was like "omg $5 per hour let's go damn cheap" and I was like "HUH SO CHEAP OK LETS GO" hahaha #cheapoauntiescausewenomoney

It's located at tuff city (I THINK, Ariane was the one who got us there, BY UBER HAHAHAA) and the first thing she said was "this doesn't feel like Singapore and I like it" hahaha. To me this place just feel like a place where rich people go to and I'm probably right, since there's a dog swimming pool, grooming centre and cafe too.

I honestly didn't know what to expect at all cause I didn't read up or what, so I just followed Ariane to this reception area and we paid $10 each person for 2 hrs!

We received a pair of socks and were asked to change it.

So we waited and we were brought to outside a small building (which consist of only one room) and we were briefed by an in charge, Kahyong.

He gave us a short introduction and history of this place, and rules like no hugging of the cats and no flash photography. Then we were in!

(This opening to the public thing only started out 4 to 5 months ago, so they're really new too!!)

This is the room in the building! We walked in to be greeted with soothing instrumental music and It really is just one huge room, with 40 cats inside!!

There were less than 40 inside though because some cats were quarantined because they had diarrhoea etc, as long as they're not suitable to be in the room they were taken out and let chill for awhile haha.

The cats were super adorable and we just walked around a little to see all the cats and sat down. Once we were seated down and relaxed the cats started coming over one by one!

The cats here are all either from a breeding centre (which is usually in a REALLY BAD condition) or abandoned by f-ed up humans. They have some special cases but these are the common ones.

The cats from breeding centres were all very weak and they were thrown away because they can't breed anymore. Damn bastard right wtf. But yeah. They will be brought in here and go through some medical treatment and those who are in the room are the survivals. Because not all cats survive...

This place only opens to the public during the weekends, and the admission fee which is essentially the fee for the socks is kind of like a donation!

We didn't know until we chatted with Kahyong and he told us the socks is only a requirement just to make sure humans won't keep asking why some people are not wearing but they have to etc.

I think it's quite a smart move haha.

The bosses there were very kind! Derrick, who saw me taking photos of some of the cats told one of their volunteers to put this cat on the wall, that he or she looks really good standing here hehe.

There's a huge ass litter box in the room, and I was sitting beside it! It's the first time I see a cat poop HAHAHA. And I could smell the poop before the cat could bury it ☺

Pooping πŸ’©

The bosses keep the room as clean as possible and Derrick could be seen sweeping the floor, or cleaning up the poop! I think I saw him only doing that when we were there lol

This is buck tooth, one of my favourite cat because he look so pissed off at everything HAHAHAHA

Ariane had an outerwear wrapped around her waist and this cat sat on it and started chilling there πŸ˜‚ turns out its one of the favourite things the cats like to do haha

THIS CAT however, like bags πŸ˜‚ I think it sat here for more than half the time we were here, just chilling and falling asleep πŸ˜‚

Same face as Bucktooth πŸ˜‚

He really doesn't care haha

Same dulan face as the cats hehe.

I bent down to take this photo with these two cats, and then.....

THIS CAT THOUGHT MY BACK WAS A SCRATCHING POST HAHAHA. It wasn't very hard and it didn't hurt, I was just shocked πŸ˜‚ I think it realise I wasn't very good to scratch on so it stopped within a few seconds πŸ˜‚

This cat looks like a mop hahahahahahahaaha

Cat number two that likes Ariane's outerwear

Cat number three

Cat number four and this cat is really territorial. He's the last cat to be here because he chase off the other cats when they try to sit on the other side HAHAHAHA

When we heard that there's a cat that preferred to be hugged because it has a defect, we were both so excited haha.

It was a kitten! And only about 4 to 5 months old??

Say hello to Merger!

We all got our share of bonding session with Merger haha. We were very careful also in case we accidentally injure Merger πŸ˜… And Kahyong told us that usually when it's this little people, hugging Merger is okay. When Merger first came, there were a lot of people and Merger was passed around like a toy and he vomitted!!! 😱 so yeah it really is very dangerous.

Such a sweetheart 😍

Cat Safari is only opened on weekends to the public like I mentioned before, but during weekdays, they are only open to people with special needs as therapy! They actually open up a little after they came and the therapy session proved to help some of them!

They are allowed in free of charge, so if there's anyone who has a friend or people who might need these session can send an email to them, or send a message via Facebook! (Cat safari)

Cute butt hehe.

Sometimes the cats are brought over to old folks home or centres for therapy instead, but some cats can't be taken out. They are sweet and nice in the room but when you carry them out they get terrified!! 😱 so only about half of the cats could be brought out for therapy. Merger is one of them!!! He just let you hug and sleep haha.

I really think this is very meaningful, because these cats themselves are abused, defect or abandoned. Just like some of the people who came to therapy. I think it helps to let them know that they're not alone...

Merger is actually a defected Munchkin. Apparently the species Munchkin itself is a defect, made because humans think it's cute lol. And when you get failed ones like Merger, who has really short front legs and much longer hind legs, breeder throws it and nobody wants it. (Wtf)

The bones in Merger's hind legs are straight. Which means he can't really walk, jump, let alone run.

Because he is still very young, the vet said it would be better if the hind legs are bent every day or every other day so it will grow in a certain way and at least it could lift him up.

It hurts, but it's a necessary procedure... 😒

Since Merger can't walk, he drags himself to get to places, and because of that the hind legs might grow maggots!! It really can't be helped, even with a really clean environment, maggots will still grow. I don't remember the exact terms for it, but if it really get to the point, it'll be better if Merger's hind legs are cut off and replaced with wheels. 😒

It's really sad because all these things happen to all these cats just because of HUMANS.

Humans are such f-ed up creatures I swear.

We really don't deserve animals.

This place really makes you think and reflect on yourself hahaha. I just started feeling sad after listening to all these stories, which Kahyong was really kind to tell us. He reply to all our questions patiently, when he probably repeat them every weekend lol.

2 hours seems to pass by so quickly being with these adorable cats.

I'm sorry there's a lot of photos of Merger and not the other cats because they were really hyper and when they calmed down my camera died 😭

I will definitely go again! Dragging ET to go with me this Sunday hahahaha.

This time I must make sure I charge my camera properly LOL.

A word of advice: don't wear dress when you're there cause you would wanna sit down and be comfortable with them! Wear light coloured clothes unless you don't mind having obvious cat furs all over hehe.

Short arms πŸ˜‚

• 1:11pm •

Buibui is only cute when he doesn't bite LOL

• 4:08pm •

Time for #craftoftheday!

Here's the completed custom order of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in a duel as promised ☺ made the watercolour backdrop for fun hurhurhur.

Head to http://handxmade.com/blog for reference photos and more photos πŸ˜€ The blog post for week two of #craftoftheday is up too! 😁

I only watched Star Wars episode 7 with ET, but he gave me a thorough summary so I know most of the storyline haha. I absolutely love BB8!!! And I'm already making it now hehehehehe.

Planning to do the last part- painting, by tonight!

• 11:43pm •

BB8 couldn't be done 😭 restarting right from the beginning and shall do it tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be okay 😭 I spent a lot of time and everything keeps smudging sigh. So disappointing 😞

Shall make sure I finish it by tomorrow ugh

Day 18

Monday, 18 Jan 2016

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theklutzycrafter (avatar)

theklutzycrafter HEHEHEH! Have you watched the SP as well?? I love the end theme. And for a long time after watching I was so addicted to γ‚·γƒ₯γƒΌγ‚―γƒͺγƒΌγƒ  (Darn those pretty cream puffs that she was making!!!).

3 years ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @klutzomon haha not yet!! We found the episode but then decided not to watch it cause we had to sleep πŸ˜‚ really!! Yeah those cream puff looks super good!! But cause it's make of cream I wouldn't be able to try them 😭

3 years ago

airvanessia (avatar)

airvanessia Omg so cute !!!! 😍😻😻

3 years ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @airvanessia YA!!! You should go with your boyfriend haaha

3 years ago

huienloi (avatar)

huienloi Thanks for letting me know about the Cat Safari!!! I've already told my bf about it and we'll definitely check it out 😁

3 years ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @huienloi that's great! Help spread the word ☺

3 years ago

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