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• 3:38pm •

I am so fucked

😭 While starting on my next few orders, I just realised that one of the order's deadline is 25th August.


That's 3 days left for me to start from 0 to being glazed 😭 AND TAKE PHOTOS SO I NEED SUN

And another order is by 31st August so I'm trying to do both together, but obviously one has the priority 😅 I swear if I don't put things on my calendar it really just woosh by my useless brain UGH.

I honestly thought I had a week at least 😭

I immediately started both orders today, but now I'm out cause I have to do some errands:

• Pass customer her order
• Go receive clothes from TVD at Macpherson
• Get contract for M1
• Japan home to try and find drawers that fits
• Do Japanese homework BY TONIGHT

YES I got one more shirt dress from The Velvet Dolls!!! I wanted to get more, but there was only one that was in stock.... 😭 But one better than nothing I suppose, slowly stock up HAHAHA.

I swear this dress is the only dress I've been wearing whenever I'm out wtf 😂 The pocket can even fit my big ass wallet and it's just so comfortable 😭 I even could afford to not bring my bag the last few times!! 😍

I wanna get the while collection of colours and wear them forever lol #obsessed

BUT YES FOR NOW JUST ONE MORE (until stock comes hurhur)

And the M1 recontract thing really is so stupid UGH. So M1 sent me messages telling me I should recontract my plan, and I was ignoring them until like few days back, cause I thought I can do it a few days before my plan ends.

Well turns out, the last day for me to recontract my plan online etc was on the 16th, and my plan ends on the 22nd......

So now I don't have the extra gbs, and have to go through a month with 3gbs only (now mysim30 has 6gb per month if you sign up for contract for a year, for only $35.35 😭)

It's just stupidity la, I just suck with dates and even though I read the messages (yes they sent me two), I totally forgot it was 16th.....

So now I have to go to M1 shop and ask for the contract again, and we were suppose to do it ytd night BUT THEY TOOK SO LONG AND WE HAD A MOVIE TO GO TO 😭

What a mess 😭

ET has the same plan as me, and he went online, recontracted within 5min AND IT WAS DONE. I seriously dunno why I dragged it ughhhh so mad at myself 🙄

Omg I really feel so rushed right now. Cause I don't know how crowded M1 is gonna be and how long it's gonna take me (ytd night ET and I had dinner first, went back to M1, and there were still 4 people before me 😅)

I have to complete Japanese homework by tonight, cause we are so last min omg. And tomorrow I barely have enough hours to work before I have to go Japanese class!!!!!!!!!!! OMG WHAT AM I GONNA DOOOOOOOOO

I think tonight I gotta stay up and work lol I just cannot "wake up earlier" the next day and work one I KNOW I'LL DEFINITELY END UP WAKING UP AT 11am/12pm NO MATTER HOW EARLY OR LATE I SLEEP SO MIGHT AS WELL PIAH ALL THE WAY 😭

So restless and panicky now 😭 this is not gooooooood

• 4:18pm •

I'm so hungry now haaha really should get smth to eat, since I skipped lunch and immediately started working 😅

Did munched on some snacks tho so I'm still alive HAHA

• 6:05pm •

Heading home now~ gonna grab dinner before I head home and work more, cause I still haven't gotten anything to eat lol my poor body I'm sorry I abuse you so 😅

I actually signed up for the contract, and kinda expected to wait for another month before the contract starts, but apparently after 12am today it will kick in with no extra charges HOORAY! 😍

I also decided to remove my caller ID, and add another 3GB for $5.90 per month instead! So I still pay about $35 per month AND I GET 9GB IN TOTAL!!

Actually I don't really think I NEED the extra 3gb, but I don't think I need caller ID either? So I decided to give this a try, and if I feel uncomfortable I'll just add it back in, and if 6gb is enough for a month I can remove that too ☺ all good all good.

My house wifi is really damn shit, so I really hope 9gb would be a comfortable amount hahaha

Day 235

Monday, 22 Aug 2016

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joopleberry (avatar)

joopleberry Omg I have this problem with keeping track of dates too! #selfemployedproblems lol

2 years ago

mrsergul (avatar)

mrsergul I input every order into my phone calendar. it is my order organizer of sorts. at one glance i know which I am more free / busy. it helps heaps!

2 years ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @joopleberry 😭 sighhhh it's not healthy man HAHHAA.

@mrsergul I used to do that, but I realise it doesn't really help cause the amount of time it takes me to complete an order is quite different from each one! Especially if I rely on the calendar, I might dragged it until it's nearer so like no point... So I just stopped putting, and at that point of time the deadlines wasn't so near so it didn't affect me at all. I just don't know how I can do it so that my calendar isn't "messy", when it's alr so messy now HAHAHA

2 years ago

mrsergul (avatar)

mrsergul I add the orders to the calendar based on their "due date".

2 years ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @mrsergul yeah that's what I did!!! But I had due dates like March 2017??? But I can't afford to wait until 2017 to complete the order mah hahahaa, plus, out of sight out of mind, so I was kinda scared of that!!

I do think I need to write it down somewhere though. MAYBE I SHOULD MAKE USE OF MY CRAFT CLOSET WHITEBOARD LOLLLLLL

2 years ago

mrsergul (avatar)

mrsergul haha it is a really long way to go till Mar 2017. good luck!

2 years ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @mrsergul haha I alr finished the order phew! It's just that these two orders were the few I took recently, and they happened to have really near deadlines 😭 I had quite a lot of things to do (like the glazing experimentation) so I delayed it, but now it's coming to bite my buttttttt.

Thanks for all your advice tho!! Definitely need to do smth about this 😭

2 years ago

mrsergul (avatar)

mrsergul Don't mention!

2 years ago

rideofvalkyries (avatar)

rideofvalkyries Jiayou!

2 years ago

XiaoBenZhu (avatar)

XiaoBenZhu I aslo using my sim30 now ..6gb 。but it net 30buck monthly leh?

2 years ago

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