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@mydreamvibe.co workshop with @wishywashy 🌊

Yo man I’m here again IT’S BEEN AWHILE!!! πŸ₯°

Whenever there are things I would like to remember that I know I would like to look back on, I always, always, come to Dayre, so here I am, because I ATTENDED A WORKSHOP AND I LOVE WORKSHOPS HAHAHAA

I blame @wishywashi, honestly. HAHAHAHA. She was the one who introduced me to this resin floral workshop, and of course, since I wanted to try resin for quite sometime, decided that it’s probably a good idea to go and learn some proper resin techniques 🀣

That aside, she also psycho me to go to this workshop HAHAHAHAHA. I figured it would be nice to have these as backdrops/even display pieces (display what, and where I also don’t know because *cough* no space la hor)

I also made sure to transfer all the money for the workshops to @wishywashi while I actually have the money, and I’m so glad I did cause I spent most of my savings from the #ourhawkerculture project on unexpected emergencies like my wisdom tooth surgeries, orthopaedist AND podiatrist for my fked up feet (and with that $620 for 3 pairs of good shoes VIONIC IS RLLY GOOD), and now, Blue’s bum injury cause this boy masturbated too much smlj 🀦🏻‍♀️

I also got a custom drawer from Country Concept which I paid for BEFORE all those things happened so.....yeah πŸ’ΈπŸ˜­

But anyway yes, the first workshop both of us attended was the cheeseboard and coaster one! ☺

Idk why I was so blur when it comes to these few workshops though lol, first was asking @wishywashi where is the workshop gonna be, then telling her “see you later!” and subsequently confusing her BECAUSE I WROTE THE WORKSHOP DATE ON MY CALENDAR ONE MONTH BEFORE 🀦🏻‍♀️

I was almost ready to go prepare and y’know?!? LOL.

Then it was thinking that the workshops starts at 3pm when it starts at 4pm 🀣 But it turned out just nice because the place is like a mazeeeEee 😡

It’s at Oxley Biz Hub and idk if you’ve been there but wew the blks are like very confusing and even the lobbies was also like ????????

The nearest MRT station is Tai Seng mrt station, but google map wanted me to walk 15min under the hot sun like HELL NO LOL. Then I realise got a bus to go there right (bus 58) but the map wanted me to stop 2 stops later when apparently it was just one stop away.

So technically ya la can walk there honestly but ahem please don’t trust google map. I was lucky @wishywashi was there to stop my bus before I go on to the 2nd stop πŸ™ƒ

Then yeah we spent like 15min trying to find the right building lmao πŸ™ƒ

But once we go inside the studio space my eyes went ✨😍✨ cause it’s such a nice and cosy place!! I didn’t take any photos of the studio cause I’m not sure if it was allowed...but aaaaaaa I really really want a studio sigh help la 😭

But anyway this was what was prepared for us!! Honestly I love workshops cause everything you need to craft is prepared for you, you just turn up, listen to instruction, and craft!!

No additional time to gather all materials and supplies, and you get to ask any questions you have regarding the art form hehe. Plus crafting with other people is always lotsa fun!! πŸ₯°

There was also like a mini presentation and it was vvv educational HAHA. I mean I know a bit about resin but I still learnt something you know?

I like how she told us what kind of resin she’s using etc, so we can use ourselves if we want to, how to store them, etc etc.

Like for example when I saw this I was like HOLY SHIT THAT’S SO SMART?!? No more pouring into different measuring cups and waste more plastic cups hahaha.

I love this idea so so much omg seeeeee workshops are worth it cause you get to learn all these tips 😍

And this omg you know I didn’t even wear my apron until at least half of the workshop was done lol I was like huh since when everyone wore their apron then I proceed to sheepishly wear mine lol so paiseh

I also really hate working with gloves, like really intense hatred πŸ˜…

Even though I wore them anyway, there was once or twice I removed them (cause thought I was done) then wanted to work on some more things then I was like “aiya nvm can wash idc” then of course kena a bit right

Wah trust me you will want to wear them ALL THE TIME because

1. The colour from the resin stains. Even though it’s only a bit but it stains hahaha

2. The stickiness from the resin can’t be washed off like legit will be there at least for hours πŸ™ƒ I used soap, wet tissues, but wew it just doesn’t come off 🀣 so yea please don’t be like me always wear the gloves and don’t be shy to ask for more if you need (cause I didn’t want to waste gloves y’know)

The first thing we needed to do was to tape the board, so no excess resin drip will drip on the side of the board we wanna use. (One of the participants did that THANK GOODNESS WE WERE TAUGHT TO SAVE OUR OWN ASS LOL)

Apparently it can’t be removed, and sanding it off would also sand the varnish off the board so.......yeah better be safe than sorry!

I knew I wanted to try to make the seascape so I took lotsa blue and white!

Was so shocked it only needed so little colours hahaha

Also took some rose gold!! 😍

But ehhh I think I regretted taking it cause idk how to mix mah so the effect wasn’t very good imo (you’ll see later)

Can you see my pencil marking to mark where I want the resin to stop? πŸ˜†

Was taught how to mix the resins properly, then mixing the colours with the resin! So smart leh this method idk I was just very excited and happy even now hahaha

She then kinda demonstrated how to put the resin on the board, and also a few methods of achieving certain patterns with the resin!

One of them was using a straw and I was quite fascinated by it, but I think if you blow too much you’re gonna be a bit dizzy LOL so just be mindful if you’re gonna try 🀣

I didn’t managed to even take much photos or videos during the process cause gloves + messy resins, but this was what I ended up with!!

Just...damn messy imo and I didn’t really get the look I wanted which I was a bit xiao sad LOL.

This one was someone else’s work and kinda what I wanted to achieve...

This too!! Like they were my references and all but lol mine looks nothing like that, and the rose gold turned out muddy because I was fiddling with it for too long 😭

And of course I fiddled with it even more, cause actually I was almost done liao but dumbass me lifted the board and cleaned the side and the resin FLOWED TO THE OTHER SIDE HAHA thank goodness for the masking tape???

So I actually quickly wiped it off and errr yeah became like that 🀣

I tried to save it by adding more white and all but I think I gave up cause the resin was drying πŸ™ƒ

The sea where got flow like that one you tell me HAHA.

But it’s ok cause we were gonna start on the coaster and IT’S A BRAND NEW CANVAS and at least I got like some sort of practice aye πŸ™ƒ


...and priming!

This time she gave us specific instructions on how to do certain things for this seascape (cause the cheeseboard was suppose to be like your own design la just that I wanted the sea but fail to do so on my own lol)

So actually hor turned out not bad?? Still very messy imo la sighpie

Then we added some MAGIC ✨

I actually asked her to help me take photos of the process leh and she also took a photo of me working on it SWEE LA 🀩

But anyway do you see the difference?!? 😍 Not bad hor haha honestly I don’t dare to touch it much cause v sad one I don’t wanna θΆŠεΌ„θΆŠη³Ÿ which is highly possible 😢

Aiyo now I actually see the flow went towards the other direction cause it was dripping at the top left aiyo xiao sad 😭

But I really love all the holes and “bubbles” that I managed to achieve (with help) and am quite happy with this one!! :’)

Didn’t put any rose gold resin/leaves this time and I think I’m glad I didn’t HAHHAHA

So because it’s resin, it takes about 1 day to be hard to touch, and 1 week to fully cure. Apparently she will send the dried resin items to us! Like, shipping is also provided wtf I hope she earns enough money leh aiyo :<

But anyway, since @wishywashi and I are gonna go another day, we told her we’ll take this one ourselves! ☺ And horrrr she let me “fix” my cheeseboard by adding more “bubble waves” the next time I go?!? Omg is it ζœ‰εΎ—ζ•‘ HAHAHA. Very thankful for the gesture!!! 😭

Also ok la while the resin is drying, things might still shift and all so maybe it will end up nicer than I remember so...🀷🏻‍♀️ see how 🀣

I wish I took some photos of @wishywashi’s coaster and cheeseboard though!! I barely got the chance to take photos of my own stuff, plus the limited working time with the resins, I kinda felt like I couldn’t do anything else HAHA. @wishywashi please SHARE YOURS OK

Had so much fun omg and now legit can’t wait for the next workshop!! FLORALS YAYE I LOVE FLORALS

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Sunday, 31 Mar 2019

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cheerUup resin is real fun eh? hehe can use rubbing alcohol to wipe off the resin stains

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