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Hoho, just finished packing my auctioned items for mailing on Monday! Wanted to do this during this long weekend but since ET’s only busy tonight (ya got gig at 9:30pm LOL no rest for people working in entertainment 😬), I decided to do it hehe. Finish early better than nothing!

Ytd I had reunion dinner with my parents, and ET came with me!!! I’m super grateful he did cause otherwise I’d definitely die lol. My sis wasn’t there so if I’m alone my dad will confirm tell me how he knows better etc etc.

Honestly, it’s nice that I’m going back and I feel like I’ve at least done smth right during this CNY, but...πŸ˜”

Anyway I was quite amazed at my dad la haha he did this to the soup ladle thing so they don’t fall off?!

Someone commented saying that I make my dad sound like superhero when he just “fold” the metal pieces, but if it was me, I wouldn’t dare to do it because I’d feel like I’m destroying it since it didn’t come like that haha.

So I feel that the mentality of “everything can be improved” to me is quite a legit skill set hahaha

And he even built this thing so all the fumes from the “BBQ” and steamboat goes out the window!!! It really is quite amazing to me la haha. I honestly think whatever “creative” juice I have is from my dad?? 🀣

We also saw #RnBlittleones and they’re still scared of humans....maybe I really should have tried hard to train them before I pass to my parents who probably didn’t have the patience and don’t know how to train the birds eh πŸ˜…

My dad actually started making conversation with ET with broken English, probably because he doesn’t have anyone else to talk to so might as well LOL. So they talked about random things like where has ET been to etc, and my dad’s childhood haha.

Once my dad found out ET’s alcohol tolerance is very high..(he can drink a lot and still not get drunk, just feel very sleepy), he kept giving ET beer lol.

Thing is, ET doesn’t like to drink beer cause it’s not like he really likes it, and it makes him really really full and bloated! But he still drank like 7 in total wtf 😱😭

My dad kept saying “last one last one” but of course that’s never going to happen πŸ™„

By around 11pm I actually really want to go back alr, but seeing my dad happily chatting with us and all, we stayed till near 3am omg. (And even then my dad still don’t really want us to go wtf)

I actually told ET next time tell my dad next day he got work or smth lol. Because otherwise he will never let us go.

It was that bad lol. And we were both almost nodding off and sometimes there were just awkward silence and it’s like we’re trying very hard to make conversations lol.

Not to mention my dad is the kind of person that if you don’t agree to his POV and have other opinions, he will basically make it sound like you’re stupid.

(Also he made jokes about how my mum is his maid and I was silently fuming inside. Mysogynistic jokes is one of my dad’s favourite especially towards my mum, and they somehow feel that I’m being a downer for feeling insulted and angry at those so called jokes)

My dad also manage to find time to like, “lecture” me lol. He was like “Is your temper better now” and I almost choke on nothing and was like ???????????

This is the same person who was flaring at my mum who woke up halfway sleeping and telling my dad why he forcing us to stay (which he kinda did, cause if we leave we don’t give him face right), and he even has the audacity to tell my mum that “they don’t want to go what can I do”


Oh when he mentioned about my “temper” I basically just “ya ya ya” and act like I was busy with other stuff lol. Otherwise I probably would have asked him “what about yours” which would DEFINITELY made things really bad lol.

He also managed to tell me “拿得衷就要放得下” which is probably about handxmade la. Like at least I tried, but I shouldn’t continue because it will never work.

Thanks dad.

And that’s why I still would not visit regularly. Unless I reach $2k per month on Patreon because that’s what my dad asked me previously. (“Do you at least get $2k per month from what you’re doing?”)

He wants to put a number to it, then I guess I just have to wait for that milestone to happen (which honestly I don’t think will happen so soon but...I’m stubborn)

Seriously though, everyone might think I’m naive for thinking this will work. For trying so hard, for being so stupidly stubborn. But......there’s actually results. And I AM thinking about my future. I AM trying hard to maintain whatever I have while trying to survive.

From 10months ago when I started making videos full time and having $0, to now where I have USD $350 EVERY MONTH as a monthly salary, AND loving everything I do, looking forward to work the next day etc. I would think that’s something worth celebrating for and a huge jump compared to when I was making custom orders and not even earning enough either.

There’s always going to be wet blankets, and it just so happens that my family is one of them (it’s interesting how sometimes strangers are more encouraging than your own family), but I don’t want to give up just because they’ve failed before, and they have no faith in me.

I’ll just have to prove them wrong.

I managed to siam and not make him go too in depth with his “I know better than you” talks because I really might crack trying to explain to him why I want to do this. Without ET, I really think I wouldn’t be able to do that so thank you so much beb 😭

Ahhhhhhh I wrote about ytd and ET’s alr teaching home 😬

We gonna go get supper now so....I guess I’ll just have to update the days I was missing tomorrow or smth if I have time πŸ™ƒ

I really want to write them down tho omg I know dayre’s gonna gone soon but stillllllllll

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Saturday, 17 Feb 2018

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