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Growing moss 🌳

• 5:54am •


Just completed the order *phew*

Now I'm just pooping and waiting for the last round of baking, and then glaze it with the first layer of glaze before going to sleep!!! ☺

I'm really awake though HAHHAA

I really don't know why???? Throughout the whole time I was crafting I never felt tired at all 😡 I'm really glad about it no doubt, but I don't really want my body clock to be so screwed up also πŸ˜…

Poor Buibui kept waking up occasionally whenever I'm putting my tools down on the table etc. This bird is a light sleeper, and he's also sleeping on ET right now HAHAHA. Okay la Buibui does nothing but sleep and destroy stuff so he can sleep in tomorrow πŸ˜‚

• 7:35am •

Holy shit it's almost 8am and I still can't fall asleep 😭 ζ₯δΊ†.............

I hope I can wake up on time tomorrow to glaze and take photos before sun sets wtf πŸ˜…

• 2:25pm •

The female figurine this time has a pouty mouth! 😍 I wasn't sure if I would be able to pull this off, but I think it went quite well 😁

If you have sharp eyes, you'll notice that her spectacle temple/arm is also of different colour to the frame! I truly believe that it's the little things that counts 😊

In other little things that will count, just a gentle reminder about the Generosity donation for my uncle! I truly believe that if everyone just spare a dollar, it would accumulate and be of a big help! πŸ’•

Don't miss out a chance of winning a set of figurine(s) for yourself too! ☺

Head to https://igg.me/at/HDRBuBZ4hAg to read more 😊


• 8:19pm •

Yaye, managed to take photos and just finished editing them! My mac delivery came at a perfect timing hurhurhur 😍 MCSPICY!!

Few days back, I dropped by a shop call Miniso! There seems to be a lot of them popping out the past year, and I always wanted to go in and take a look.

I love a lot of things in there 😍 all so minimalistic looking, and they're actually damn affordable?! 😱 #rare

Also, their packaging always very nice HAHA sucker for minimalistic design omg

I bought more decorative items for taking photos with my figurines (#obsessed lol), and one of them is this!!



And it was like really cheap leh (if you compared it to similar things).

I got two of them, one big and one smaller one (photo above is the smaller one, didn't take photos for the packaging for the big one), and the small one was $3, and the bigger one $7.90!!!

(I'm looking at the receipt so it's definitely correct)

What the heckkkkk so cheap right?!? 😡

The content in the smaller one has a pretty nice jar, soil (that actually just look and feel like tiny stones haha), and the moss seeds!!

Can you believe the stupid me didn't really read properly and I thought it was already decorated?? Really shows how impulsive I am.



It comes with an instructional booklet (or paper lol) and it teaches you how to decorate with the pieces you have, and how to take care of them!


The English translation look likely came directly from google translate tho, and the Chinese is traditional Chinese so I can't read well, but I think I got the gist of it πŸ˜‚

Apparently they grow well with high humidity, hence have to cover them, but cannot put them in direct sunlight!!

SG weather is like perfect for this man πŸ˜‚

They didn't really tell us how often I have to water it though πŸ˜… It just says "water regularly"........ I damn scared I'll forget and it'll die wtf

The bigger jar has more things, and the jar itself is actually better in quality!! 😍

(BTW the jars are not huge, it's slightly smaller than the size of my palm, and I have small hands........just a better idea but lol don't think it'll help HAHA)

It contains:
Chio jar
Moss seeds
Decorative moss

The instruction paper for this has pictures somemore hahaha maybe cause it's has more things so it'll be clearer for people like me who don't understand traditional Chinese and they probably know their English isn't accurate HAHA.

A for effort ok I appreciate the nice photos πŸ˜†

So the first step is the same, pour all the soil in first!

Then put the stone where ever you like.

I like the stone it really made this whole thing alive imo 😍

Dump the seeds in, but spray the roots of the seeds first (if dry, which it obviously would be).

I think the brown part (which is the roots) obviously need to be at the bottom, BUT WOW IT WAS SO HARD TO PUT THEM PROPERLY??

So yes I did a terrible job πŸ˜… They will grow and get tangled together anyway....right??? I hope LOL I was looking for the messy look anyway so all good HAHAHAHA

They recommended me to use tweezers but it didn't help at all lol so I just unceremoniously use my fingers to squash them hahahhaahhahahahahahaha

Last but not least the decorative moss!!

It could be potentially be really chio and neat but then I was rushing for time (needed to take photos and the sun was setting LOL, and customer coming tonight to take the figurine alr), so I just kinda stuffed them in.

Thank goodness I was going for the messy look huh LOL IT'S SUPER MESSY (but still quite pretty la the colours is just 😍)

Then I use the spray provided to spray both my jar of moss ☺

Apparently cannot have too much water, so spray until the "soil" turns into a darker colour (means the water got in) then can stop alr hahaa.

The small jar really look so empty and sad tho πŸ˜‚ I can add things in, maybe go find some stones myself HAHA but see if I remember when I go out πŸ˜‚

Apparently it takes about 2-4 weeks to sprout, 1-2 months to grow buds (idk what they mean IS THERE GONNA BE FLOWERS???) and 8-12 months to "grow up enough".

Apparently when it grows up, you can move it to other bigger containers to keep it growing, but I think I probably will just trim it or smth hahaha ☺ #lazyfak

So apparently there are 4 types of moss, and I was super lucky to get two different kinds HAHAHA (I didn't really read remember LUL)

I'm sooooo tempted to get the other moss though!! And in big jars!!! So cheap leh and it's nice to have different "background" right HAHA but ok la it'll be out of focus in my shots anyway.....


Damn kiasu already take photos with it πŸ˜‚

The nice smelling diffuser thingy (???) was also bought from Miniso!!! ☺ Shit man I can't remember the proper name for it wth πŸ˜… Reed diffuser??

But ya I bought it mainly cause it looked pretty, didn't even pour the scented liquid in πŸ˜…

I used the moss for this cause in the ref photo they were on a beach and the background was filled with greenery πŸ˜† so it was quite apt IMO HAHA

Don't die on me ok guys I will try to remember to water you all and may the humidity helps you grow strong and healthy

And also grow up nicely ok cause I'm a bad planter and I believe in you HAHA

I really don't know what to expect out of this and not sure how they'll look like when grown...or will they even grow idk HAHA. They alr look like grown moss so I'm not sure why they'll still grow???? πŸ˜… but ya ok stay pretty can liao thanks

Day 237

Wednesday, 24 Aug 2016

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jassyjas (avatar)

jassyjas since ur figurines r so small, would u like to buy a selfie ring light? it's meant to kiap on phone la. but I think can find sth to support then project the light unto ur work lo. it's led so it's really bright and have 3 lvls of brightness. then u can take pics anytime! I bought it at qoo10 for 19.90

2 years ago

dl_snake (avatar)

dl_snake Well done!!!

2 years ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @jassyjas ahahaha I don't mind!!! Then I can take better WIP photos πŸ˜‚ do you have an extra you're selling or you're just telling me about the product 😝

@dl_snake thank you!! 😁

2 years ago

thelostsmile (avatar)

thelostsmile Maybe i'm a little OCD or you did it in a rush but how come the base of the figurine is not in proportion? Like there's so much space on top of R but to less space on top of Y. Also, the spacing is a lil bit off i.e. Y is too far from A but too near to M. Just pointing it out since you always claim to care about the little details, might want to work on it.

2 years ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @thelostsmile hey there! Thanks for pointing it out! I've actually remade it a few times before settling on this plate, and would also like to point out to you that everything is 100% handmade. For anything that is handmade, nothing will be perfect, and there definitely will be imperfection. If I want it to be perfect, I could just 3D print everything, even the name plate and not do everything by hand right hahaha. I've had people telling me that they actually like the imperfections (like my concrete chair, that is definitely not as straight as it should be), as it gives them the handmade feeling if you know what I mean! 😁

There's a lot of things that many people don't agree on, and for you, maybe you will never like handmade stuff because it's imperfect, and that's definitely fine!

Just want to let you know that i appreciate your kind gesture of pointing out the things I can improve on, and I reassure you that I will NEVER give my customer something that isn't up to my standards. And maybe your standards are just higher! ☺

(If you look at photos of my previous works that I did not "rush though" (although I probably spent the same amount of time on it as my other figurines hahaha),the alphabets are also not placed perfectly. I also wish I can adjust it to perfection like photoshop, but sadly that can't be the case)

Hope you understand my POV and we will agree to disagree! ☺

2 years ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm *through

2 years ago

jamajem (avatar)

jamajem hi xm, love all your works!πŸ‘ and props to you for explaining the difficulty of your craftπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, truly the little details that you pay attention to like the texture of the scarf shows how meticulous you are and the effort you put in😊 I enjoy reading your posts where you experiment with the different clays and share about your craftπŸ˜›πŸ€“

2 years ago

cheerUup (avatar)

cheerUup ζˆ‘ηœŸηš„δ½©ζœεΎ—δΊ”δ½“ζŠ•εœ°! well done ah!!!

2 years ago

thelostsmile (avatar)

thelostsmile Glad to know that your customers love it then. Sorry if I sounded rude and/or judgmental. Keep it up! 😊

2 years ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @jamajem Aww thank you! Yeah! There are just so many handcrafted items online, and I believe that everyone prefers certain style, so I think as consumers, you can just keep looking for the type you like, right? ☺
Thank you for always being so supportive! I'll definitely keep working hard and improve on my crafting hurhur ☺ will definitely share more about my finds regarding polymer clay! 😍

@cheerUup HAHAHAHA!! Thank you for always being so positive about things :') really appreciate it! ☺

@thelostsmile No worries! Will definitely try to keep improving 😁

2 years ago

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