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First Wisdom Tooth Extraction 🦷

Today is the first time I take out any wisdom tooth, so I really wanted to write it down HAHAHAHA

I was scared af but it was actually a really quick procedure???

I’m lucky that the wisdom tooth didn’t really gave me any pain, and I only needed to remove because food kept getting stuck (so might have potential tooth decay)

Speaking of, my friend, who’s the daughter of my landlord will be moving in the house!! So she actually offered to go with me (cause I’m so scared lol).

But ended up ET had cough and sore throat for a week, and ytd it was pretty bad so he decided to take MC today. SO HE ACCOMPANIED ME WEEEE!!

Thank you JY anyway for offering!!! V touched okay :’)

I was actually referred from a polyclinic, cause they were saying that this tooth a bit tougher cause there’s two “hooks” instead of the usual one, so if anything happens they’d have to send me to the hospital so I might as well do at the hospital hahaha.

I almost thought today would be consultation ONLY cause the receptionist told me so (even though I was told it was gonna be the surgery by the polyclinic that referred me), but thank goodness we did it today!

It’s been delayed TWO TIMES (almost half a year actually) so I really just wanted to get it over and done with haha

So wisdom tooth surgery is mostly for impacted tooth or smth along that line? Which is apparently what my bottom and top wisdom tooth on the right are (underneath gums)

I was told that:

Local anaesthesia will be $800+++ for these two

General anaesthesia will be $1k+++ and they will take the chance to remove every wisdom tooth but I can’t even bite with one side v tough leh haha

Then there’s the top left one which would be a “normal extraction” which will cost $70-$80 cause it’s “outside the gum” which means it was gonna be easier.

So I decided to pluck the one that’s the cheapest and the reason I went in the first place - food getting stuck there is annoying as heck hahaaha

I think eventually I’ll do the other two too! $800+++ I can use medisave (and can use my parents’ which I’d probably ask). One of them might cause tooth decay so better to remove hahahaha.

But apparently the one on top is close to sinus so there’ll be a hole and apparently if I drink water it MIGHT come out of my nose LMAO, and the bottom one is near a nerve so there’s a less than 1% chance I might lose feeling there 😵

Anyway, the whole procedure was done pretty fast!!!

He injected the anaesthesia while I was lying down, which kinda stung and I teared, and I was told to wait 10min at the wooden bench for the anaesthesia to sink in hahaha

Then I was called in, asked me to lie down again, open/close mouth a bit, then the nurse held my head, and doctor kinda pushed the tooth which I can feel and it also stung (not as bad as the injection lol), THEN SUDDENLY IT WAS D O N E

I was like “HUH???? WHAT???” AND I LAUGHED V LOUDLY which on hindsight probably wasn’t very nice cause noisy LOOOLLLLL but I was just very happy that it ended so quickly 🤣 and also laughing at myself for making a huge fuss out of it 🙃

ET was in the room with me btw!!! He just sat there though LMAO

I am vvvvv amazed by my tooth cause it looks exactly like the emoji HAHA 🦷

And the tooth is in one piece, which apparently is pretty rare for wisdom tooth?? (Think they supposedly cut them into pieces or smth 😵 for the impacted tooth I guess which is gonna happen to me in March 2019 gg I alr booked the dates hahaha)

Washed it, and initially idk why I just used water, and then when I was done I smelt smth quite bad (like animal smell) and realised that o shit that must be the food that was stuck there ALL THESE WHILE

Cause I remembered there was some black stuff on the tooth which I thought was the fillings I had when I was a kid, but then...cannot be cause this is wisdom teeth leh LOL. SO IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE FOOD YUCK.

Washed with soap promptly afterwards HAHAHA and yes I’m gonna keep it lmao FIRST WISDOM TOOTH WOOP

HAHAHAHAHAHA my post tooth extraction “high”

Just high cause I’m still shook by how quick the procedure was hahaha not the real high you see in videos from US lol

I was asked to sit to watch a video about what to do after post “surgery”, and that was it!

It was $60 only too v happy :’)

I then accompanied ET to see doctor cause he need the MC haha and medicine la, and I love this video so much hahaha he was like falling asleep and this one he entertained me by flaring his nostrils HAHAHA I LOVE IT SO MUCH AHSHWOJXOWKS DAMN FUNNY

At the same clinic, I was suppose to have a Cervical Cancer jab for like almost a year or maybe more...but kept delaying it (cause need to pay $50 but always no money, or just forgot about it when I do have the money and erm scared la)

So this time, since I know I’m gonna get paid for the big project, I decided ok I’m gonna go schedule BUT LOL THEY DONT TAKE APPOINTMENTS HAHA they just want me to call beforehand to check if they have the jab 🤣

Anyway, the receptionist was like “do you wanna do it today? Since you’re already here” and I was like errrrrr ok sure (and made sure plucking wisdom teeth wouldn’t affect anything haha)

SO YEAH I finally got the jab too HAHAHAHAHA!!

(Needed to pay $290 cash instead of $50 cash cause I got a 9IN1 instead of a 4IN1(?) which is better la so ok lo)

Need to do another two times, but after knowing that the jab really isn’t that painful (I don’t even feel anything now), I think it’s easier for me to go down and do it now (and with an actual proper timeline hahaha 2 months later) 😬

Quite glad that today was a day where I take care of my general health, and I get to spend more time with ET too (although he’s taking a nap now that’s why I’m Dayring hahaha)

Here’s ET mocking my inability to speak properly because of the anaesthesia LOL. I’m actually fine now after 2-3 hours as mentioned!!! But it was such an interesting experience!!

When I was eating porridge and drinking cold drink, the numb side (I was avoiding my left side but the anaesthesia moved to my lips and middle of my tongue) was like mild temperature all the way, and I couldn’t taste anything!!!

But the other side was fine 😵

No wonder they say eating too hot food will scald your mouth because I really couldn’t feel anything!!!!

Is this how older people feel when their sense of taste starts to deteriorate?

That’s why their “tolerance” for hot stuff is so good like my dad, and they cook stuff too salty etc etc 😵

Quite an eye opener man.

Anyway, I shall go chill for the rest of the day!

Today is a good day :’)

Also, I realised that Dayre 2.0 is coming up! Saw the post from the new featured EP, and apparently she’s one of the new founder for Dayre 2.0!

I don’t use Dayre as often now so I kinda hope that either they allow like free 10 days per month kinda deal, or the subscription is really affordable ($10 per year I still can la hor). We’ll see how!

I don’t post a lot, or even read much of what people are posting now...but I’ll always love Dayre, and love how so many of my memories are here.

I plan to be here as long as possible, and honestly wouldn’t mind supporting if I can afford to!

Hopefully things can only go better for Dayre from now on ☺

Day 361

Thursday, 27 Dec 2018

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joscelino (avatar)

joscelino Hey there I also had my wisdom tooth removed this morning!! Biting on my gauze rn ~

1 month ago

isabelle (avatar)

isabelle I thought cervical cancer vaccine can use medisave!

1 month ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @joscelino hahahaha!!!! I kinda like biting on the gauze - makes me feel like there’s some structure while the anaesthesia is still working LOL

@isabelle yeah I did!! Used $400 on medisave alr hahahaha

1 month ago

isabelle (avatar)

isabelle Wah didn't know vaccination so expensive nowadays! I rmb few years back when I took the cervical cancer vaccine I didn't have to pay cash!

1 month ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @isabelle OMG really?!? 😵 this one apparently is a better one so it’s more expensive 😭

1 month ago

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