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NO BUTTER PLS OMG • Straits Art Co Pte. Ltd.

• 12:05pm •

Ugh just had a terrible experience with one of my favourite sandwich.

You see that in the middle?


Now I can't eat butter or cheese or drink milk isn't because I'm lactose intolerant, but I just can't stand the taste 😭 I WILL PUKE IF IT'S TOO OBVIOUS.

Usually, I can't taste any buttery taste with this sandwich, and this one of the few that doesn't have cheese that's why I love it so much. But this butter thing totally ruined my experience 😭

I literally wanted to throw up ☹️

As if the butter was gagging me lol.

It felt like I just ate a huge chunk of butter, and I had to wash it down with juice because if I drink water it will just intensify the disgusting taste ☹️ (Thank god I bought some few days back and it helped 😭)

Actually on hindsight, maybe I DID ate a chunk of butter...... Maybe I confused it with the lettuce? You know how lettuce has some "crunchy" bits right?

But anyway, I thought it was just this one side, but turns out the other side also have haha I got so paranoid I used a knife to CUT THE BREAD OFF LOL. You know it's serious when a lazy ass like me even makes an effort to get a knife πŸ˜…

So yeah...that's my brunch for you 😭 So scary sobs. Now I think I'll think twice when purchasing it again ☹️ The packaging doesn't say they have butter in it tho, which, for lactose intolerant people would be quite serious right?? Or maybe sandwich/bread = butter so just don't even eat.

Maybe they did update the ingredient list, I just didn't check properly? (I was so disgusted with the whole thing I chucked it out before checking the ingredient list again)


I really want to like butter/cheese/milk cause I truly believe I'm missing out on a lot of good food. (And if I go European countries I wouldn't be able to eat a lot of their food wtf)

But I can't do anything about it if my body wants to vomit 😞 I'm slowly trying out stuff that has cream cheese etc like the Lady M cake previously, and testing my limits. I realise that if I don't think too much, it wouldn't matter so much too (psychological?)

BUT THIS IS ALMOST LIKE BETRAYING MY TRUST 😭 I bite into it knowing I will enjoy it, then POOF they give me a chunk of butter blegh.


Today instead of crafting like I planned, I'm gonna try this matte varnish I found in Homefix.

I couldn't find the brand I want to try in SG, so I had to go for smth similar.

Had to look out for things like "Waterbased" and "polyurethane" but the cans they have either have one or the other.

I thought maybe water based is more important...so I got this instead (even had to google whether is this even water based lol it doesn't say)

I do hope that this will work, and I can finally glaze the last three orders 😡

@theklutzycrafter has been very nice and helped me ordered the brand that I wanted to get from Amazon (which idk why for me it says it doesn't ship to SG, but she could ordered 😐), so I hope that will come soon! (Thank you 😭)

But it'd also be nice to know I have an alternative if I'm out of glaze and need to get some NOW. So yes. Experimentation time!!! (I actually don't really like to, but it's essential)

• 12:57pm •

For the base of this project. . .
It's a vinyl! ☺

I enjoyed making it so much, probably because I know how this actually means something to both of them, which makes this piece even more unique! 😌

That's what makes a custom order so special, because you can add almost anything to make it meaningful for you and your other half πŸ’•

Postcard from @poptsiepaperco (IG), which was one of the many items we could bring home during one of Trudy's Modern Calligraphy Workshop! πŸ“œπŸ–‹She's having another one soon @sceneshang (IG) again, which is a beautiful place for a workshop. Go check out her pleasant Instagram space too that will make you feel so relaxed 😍


• 4:25pm •

Alright so I tried the varnish, and wow IT'S GLOSSIER THAN MY GLOSS GLAZE LEH HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE.

So I googled how matte varnish for wood looks like, they looked pretty matte to me. I found smth that says that matte varnish usually have this thing call the flattening agent, which settles down at the bottom of the can, so I have to STIR WELL. (Which I didn't, I just used it straight)

So I stirred, and tried using it again...


So I guess my $29 just POOF flew away just like that. πŸ˜” I also used quite a bit of the varnish, so it would be very asshole of me to try to refund la (did a couple of testing)

More importantly, I was back in square one again.

Is this never gonna work???

While I was looking at the wood varnishes ytd, a nice lady told me that as long as there is polyurethane, there will be a bit of shine to it (cause it's essentially liquid plastic) and I guess she was right?

Does that mean that the Varathane Polyurethane Matte varnish I asked @theklutzycrafter to buy WILL HAVE SIMILAR RESULTS DESPITE SAYING IT'S MATTE??

(To be fair the people who raves over it usually raves about the gloss, not the matte, and I can't find reviews for the matte varnish. I just know this brand works for polymer clay and pray hard that the matte will look matte, so it was a 50/50 chance)

So I was like "Wow fuck this, I probably will have to contact the brand Golden itself to try to get the Golden Polymer Varnish I used and was perfect, and stop trying to get from all these useless distributors"

Hence ET helped me draft an email (cause I had no idea how to start and he's pretty good at this), and.....told me that THERE WAS A DISTRIBUTOR IN SG.



Straits Art Co Pte. Ltd.

A place I've never been before or heard of.

(Btw I couldn't find the distributor page on Golden's website lol ET googled it and dug it out)

All these while, I've been looking at art friend, online stores, DIY shops like home fix or self fix. BUT SOMEONE ELSE DISTRIBUTES IT.

LIKE WHY DID I NEVER THOUGHT TO SEARCH THIS WAY???? I wanna slap myself seriously.


There was a chance that they don't have it. Probably not in stock etc or smth, because the whole can't-find-distributors thing was very dubious. Even Straits Art Co Pte. Ltd.'s website was dubious (but their FB is still alive thank god)

So I called. (Something I really hate to do but see I was desperate)

The uncle who picked up was so enthusiastic haha I couldn't help but smile πŸ˜‚

I asked about the product, AND HE SAYS THAT THEY HAVE IT.


So I dropped everything (I couldn't get any good results anyway) and now I'm out, going to Straits Art Co Pte. Ltd. bahahahaha.

They also close at 7pm??? And I know the craft shopaholic in me would want to see what else he has and spend a lot of money LOL so now I'm out πŸ˜†


• 8:41pm •

Heading home after an impromptu dinner with an ex-colleague at Intercontinental! ☺ It was nice to catch up, and I really miss her so much :') So many things had happened since I left as a part-timer, but some things really never change ☺

Also....I am glad to say that I GOT WHAT I NEEDED 😍

The place itself isn't very eye catching, and I remember looking at Google Maps and was like "OMG where IS this place 😡"

Then I turned to my left (like directly) and saw this HAHA with the English words/logo that's pretty small, at the top right πŸ˜‚

It's a very cosy place, but for painters they'll definitely, DEFINITELY go crazy!! I even saw brands for acrylic paints that even I know πŸ˜‚

The staffs there really were so friendly too!! :')

The uncle was like "oh are you the one who dropped everything to come down?" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

The staffs all knew what they were selling, cause I think they themselves love to paint/sculpt! They also don't stick to you and lets you have some time alone to shop yourself :') (unlike some sales person who keeps sticking to you and trying to sell you stuff πŸ™„ PRIVACY PLS I NEED TO BREATHE)

This is like my dream retirement haha, selling quality goods and supplies to more artists and crafters, when I'm old and can't control my hands :')

They even took time to listen to what I want to get, what I do, and what are my problems, and gave tips accordingly! 😍

Things like, I kept having streak marks when I'm glazing with a brush etc, but he was like "oh, then maybe instead of painting vertically you can paint horizontally against the brush's hair"


Why have I not thought about it before???? Hahahaha. I'm totally gonna try this method and see if it works πŸ˜‚

When I saw this part of the shelf, I had to stifle a scream πŸ˜…

I got so excited that I was jumping up and down!! πŸ˜‚ (quietly, while making sure nobody was there to see me.......)

They only left two big bottles of matte glaze, SO I JUST TOOK BOTH AHAHAHA #kiasi

It's actually enough for me to try dipping leh :') So if the new brush technique doesn't work I can totally try dipping too :')

I really think they're the only place in Singapore that has Golden's products. AND LOTS OF IT. It's quite scary how they actually can put so many things with so little space! πŸ˜‚

They even have like different mediums from the same brand haha, like retarder etc (suddenly can't remember, but seriously a whole shelf of different mediums hahaha) Good good, keep it consistent hurhur ☺

Apparently Golden is not stingy about their pigmentation, so all of their paint is of very high quality! πŸ‘πŸ»

I only use their glaze tho HAHAAHA.

Took this for Jocelyn cause she was asking me if I knew any paint that can give consistent Gold colour (trust me most of them just looks like you're using gold powder to paint ahahhaa)

These are like alloy powders, so you mix it with different medium to get the consistency you want? Like acrylic for acrylic paint kinda feel haha.

Apparently won't tarnish too!! Something that I definitely would wanna get in the future HAHA. (Won't dry up too if don't mix it, since it's just powder!)


I literally went "ahhhh!!!!!!" but softly hahaha and the staff was like "woah why what happened" πŸ˜…

I've already asked @theklutsycrafter to help me get, so I didn't get any from them la. BUT WALAO WHY WHY WHYYYYY DO I NOT KNOW OF THEIR EXISTENCE 😭

At least now I know where to get my stuff if I ran out of them.......... πŸ˜…

Heh heh I really spent a lot of money, but now to me $150 is like normal whenever I go to a craft store (actually very little since it was a NEW craft store hahaha) πŸ˜…

I really think that you have to spend money to earn money? Especially when it comes to quality. Keep trying with different things until you find the perfect one for your work, and have enough stock at hand!

That's why I always no money lol. (Say until so nice but it's actually just bad at handling money HA HA)

I'll definitely come here again for stocks. Especially if I'm gonna try water colour more seriously??? I was like salivating when I saw the amount of colours they have, and the different types 😍

It was a bit awkward tho, I remember thinking "it would be nice if they have some background music..."

Don't underestimate the power of background music hahaha

I really feel so relieved that my glaze problem is solved, and that I can even get it locally!!!!! :')

This glaze thing has been giving me stress ever since I started so it was as if one big load just got lifted off my shoulder 😭


I really hate having all these like almost completed but not really? It's like a pimple that's almost ripe but not ready for squeezing lol

Day 230

Wednesday, 17 Aug 2016

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autumnstar (avatar)

autumnstar haha i dun eat butter last time too, esp w soft bread. i like it toasted then can put butter. but im ok w cheese and milk. slowly get used to it!! it took me a while too(but i still dun like butter on soft bread)

2 years ago

theklutzycrafter (avatar)

theklutzycrafter 😘😘 Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it will come!

2 years ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @autumn_star haha really??? Wahhh I wish I was even okay with cheese and milk sobs 😭

@theklutzycrafter YESSS 😭

2 years ago

autumnstar (avatar)

autumnstar hahaha its ok la, takes time!! but cakes how? u dun eat?

2 years ago

theklutzycrafter (avatar)

theklutzycrafter Hehe, buy them all. Good news is that I didn't get the polyurethane gloss. Just your Renaissance wax and the crafting tools :)

2 years ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @autumn_star depends!! If the chocolate or smth covers the cream taste, I'm fine. That's why so ma fan hahahahahhahaa.

@theklutzycrafter OH. Ah wth I don't even remember what I asked you to buy LOLOLLLLLLLLLLL MY BRAIN I'M TOO OUT OF FOCUS ALR

2 years ago

theklutzycrafter (avatar)

theklutzycrafter Hahaha, #buybuybuy okay. Distributor should be cheaper too right? Hahaha

2 years ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @theklutzycrafter ya!!! No crazy shipping fees 😭

2 years ago

jamajem (avatar)

jamajem hey! straits art co is a very good art supply shop. It actually has existed for quite awhile and people who go there are regulars. shop keepers are friendly and knowledgeable about the products too! Don't worry!

2 years ago

carrotsfrrabbits (avatar)

carrotsfrrabbits Straits arts co has lots of very specialised stuff + the staff there are also very knowledgable and will patiently answer your questions! I love going there but it's like a black hole for my wallet πŸ˜‚

2 years ago

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