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@waseyosg Vita C Booster Day 30 • @doubleoxm IG is dead, IG stories on @handxmade

• 4:18pm •


It’s been days since I laid down on the bed more than 4 hours hahaha and it feels amazinggggg 😍

I’m still feeling a little bit stressed even though it’s already over, idk why, but knowing that I don’t have to do anything for this order calms me down a little and I have to constantly remind myself πŸ™ƒ

One of the things that’s on my to-do list after I finish this order is to do the 14 day challenge review!!! @doubleoxm:150118


This is the first photo I took before I start on the 14 days challenge!

And.....this is is one month later!!!

Wah seriously taking before and after photo is damn tough hahahahaha I made sure that my exposure, shutter speed and focal length all the same but because I took it under sunlight, that totally changes the photo la omg on hindsight I really should have taken it indoors, and make sure the light etc is all the same 😭

I tried my best alr and this is the closest to the original photo!!

You can see the white balance problem here Ugh :<

And to be honest.........I don’t really see much difference 😢

Although I do feel that my skin tone does look more even hoho, but whitening it ah...idk about that πŸ™ƒ

I’ve been using the serum religiously for the past month, and eventually also started putting it on my face directly after moisturiser. I only use it at night as instructed, and I use about 2 drops each time!

I’ve used up half the bottle alr, so one bottle can probably last about two months hoho.

Also ever since I used the serum on my face directly, I start to understand why @gilliansng says it smells like fish oil!!! Hahaha!!! It’s quite a unique smell leh and it doesn’t irk me, but if you don’t like it you can always mix it with other product that smells nice to cover the smell up hahaaha

My spots are still there, probably faded a little but I can’t really tell la πŸ€” I don’t really know what I expected from this, but I must say that my face usually doesn’t really......react well if not at all to most of the skincare products that promises whatever, so I’m not really surprised that this doesn’t work for me LOL.

Like seriously my blackheads are still there after I use those reduce blackhead stuff for example. πŸ˜…

I feel a bit bad la like they wasted a product on me cause it doesn’t work for me LOL.

But that’s the case for a lot of things I think! It might work super well for someone, but react badly for other people it doesn’t work at all 😬

Also, I haven’t been sleeping much at all for the past few days so....that might have affected my skin πŸ˜…

I must say though, pumping out the serum is still my favourite part of the routine HAHA!! I’m totally gonna reuse the bottle after I finish it LOL. But of course it’s funny if you get it just to use the pump la lmao

I also put the serum generally leh like I never do spot and just tap it all over my face, so it’s unfair for me to say it doesn’t work on blemishes when I didn’t actually focus on it enough.

I’ll still use it until I finish it tho, it probably IS doing smth behind the scene that I don’t know about haha AND ALSO CAUSE I LIKE THE PUMP SO MUCH HAHAHAHA OMG WTH.

If you ask me if you should buy it and try, my advice is you never know until you try so if you have the extra cash and want to fix somethings that they promise to, and heard good things, it never hurts to try!

I recommend you to do smth like the 14 days challenge to see if it works for you in general, so you have photos to back you up and see if it’s worth purchasing again! 😊 Some people *points at me* just doesn’t have the skin that react well to some products but just use it anyway because it’s there 🀣

This is the reason why I don’t really spend time researching about skincare products la cause tbh it it’s not an immediate obvious change I will feel that it’s not working LOL

These things takes time but I’m just too impatient 🀣

This totally isn’t helping waseyo but I want to give an honest review, so if it didn’t really change anything for me I don’t want to fake it and say that it did when it’s so obvious nothing changed HAHAHAHA

It’s also ridiculous to just trust a one sided review and labelled the product following one person’s opinion/experience, so I trust that people who are interested will (and should) try it for themselves! 😊

• 5:08pm •

I’m gonna go out now and meet my parents for reunion dinner!! ET will be going too hehe.

I actually thought it was ytd wtf (my dad told me Thursday 14th, and I just looked at the number and wrote it down and didn’t double check so I went down ytd LOL 🀣) so I’m going there again tonight!!!!! Since ET is free (ytd he had aikido) I asked him to come with me and he’s going weeeeeee β˜ΊπŸ’•

I’ll definitely be updating more for the half a month I’m not here, a lot of milestone and things I wanna remember!!!

Ok la even though dayre might die soon, I still wanna keep track leh and try to write as much as I can 😭

I’ll do it tomorrow weeeeeeeee

While I travel there here’s a little photo of Blue!!

I’ve been reading @atisutori’s comics about her budgies and parakeet on WEBTOON, and she named this the Icecream hold πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Blue let’s me do this but now that there’s a “name” for it every time I do this it makes me think of that and make me very happy HAHAHAHA


Also caught him yawning midway HAHAHA


Oh ya, I’ve had some people following my personal IG which is @doubleoxm, but actually, I’m not active there AT ALL LOL.

My daily random musings are all on @handxmade IG story LOL. Ya it’s my work account but I super unprofessional one I post my daily life stuff there HAHAHAHAHA. And if you talk to me on @doubleoxm IG it will take ages for me to reply cause if I don’t press on that notification it doesn’t bring me to @doubleoxm 😬

I’m quite lazy one so I’d rather be on the same place all the time LOL

Just thought I should mention this HAAH. I’m not active on Dayre but I’m surprised there are people who wants to keep updated with my boring life leh quite touched by that ♥️

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Thursday, 15 Feb 2018

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