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Transparent clay review!

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It's finally time I talk about the veil!! ☺

(This post will be quite technical, and I think for those people who doesn't work with polymer clay wouldn't know what I'm talking about...BUT I'M GONNA WRITE ABOUT IT ANYWAY HURHUR)

To be honest, I would have thought that I'd need to use another type of material to make the veil - especially when it needs to be semi-transparent. Maybe the material for the real veil itself, but to be honest, it's very hard to manipulate cloth when it's so small!

Obviously I thought about using translucent clay that I already have, but those would turn yellow after baking, and even a slight tint in that would irritate me to no end πŸ˜…

However, I chanced upon this when I visited Japan! ☺


For those who read my #ETXMtravelstoJapan posts, you'll know that I got this in one of the not-so-many-loots during my Tokyu Hands Japan trip 😍 Seriously that place is heaven 😭

When I first saw it, I immediately put it in my shopping basket, not really sure what I can make it with.. But I'm a hoarder for all craft things so there's that πŸ˜…

I planned to make all 13 of my Dayre orders AFTER my Japan trip, so this was really a lucky buy for this particular order!! 😍

Now this definitely looks much transparent than my translucent clay, although it is definitely hazy and...translucent looking HAHA.

I had to do a lot of testing tho, because this particular clay can be baked like polymer clay, but it also can be air dried??!? So I really didn't know what I was getting myself into πŸ˜…

It comes with a manual that is in Japanese, which I obviously can't read, but I could sort of guess from the images thank goodness *phew*

There was also a small bottle of another transparent jelly like thing, that I was suppose to mix it in, so I did, without really knowing what it does..... πŸ˜…

This other page is just some tools that they recommend and make you wanna buy them I suppose HAHHAA but the current tools I have was more than good enough for me! 😁

Now the clay itself after being mixed with the jelly-like substance in the small bottle, is....very gooey πŸ˜… It's a really interesting texture to craft with, and it sticks to itself better than it sticks on other stuff, which is a good thing!!

It's like blutack, sticking to itself, but the texture was more of like.....

A big piece of booger


I'M SERIOUS THO IT DOES FEEL LIKE IT. And booger also sticks to itself right LOL omg hahahahhaahahahaha

But it really is a good thing, because I could still roll it out properly with my Pocket Kitchen Roller πŸ‘πŸ» The even flatness is very important ☺

It's also not very difficult to shape it into what I want, albeit it being slightly sticky!

And when it's such a flat piece. It does look super transparent!! 😍

It does dry up by itself, but it takes reaaaaally long, almost like a whole day! So there was ample time for me to move the clay around ☺

I used the same clay for the dress, because I think that it looks nicer semi-translucent too! ☺

The good thing about this clay is that I can mix it with acrylic paint to make it a different colour, so that was what I did!

The amount of paint affects the translucency, that's why both the dress and veil looks very different ☺

The difference between this transparent clay and normal polymer clay is that:

After it's baked/dried up, it looks exactly the same - which is....very glossy and plasticky looking.

Polymer clay has a very nice matte look after baking, which is what I prefer! ☺

It CANNOT be glazed 😡

My matte glaze just beads up when I tried to glaze it, and it just doesn't work 😭

BUT. It can be sanded!

I managed to sand it with my Dremel tool, so it became matte anyway! Bad thing was, I couldn't get to certain part of the dress because I would have sand the male's pants/the base....so the next time I want to use this clay again, I will need some seriously planning 😢

Not sure if usual sand paper would work, but Dremel tool definitely made it easier!

Although the dress itself looks OK after the sanding, it still bothers me that I couldn't sand everywhere 😡

It's REALLY bendable and flexible even after baking/dried!

That's why I really think I'm just working with plastic hahaha (even though polymer clay is also a type of plastic...it's not as intense as this clay! πŸ˜‚)

It could be useful for certain projects though, so it's definitely good to have hurhur ☺

It's really nice that I have another alternative for really transparent clay though, and even though I might need to work around it to make it work, I really appreciate the fact that it can be baked!! ☺

I'll definitely use this clay again 😍 but the thing is I'm not sure where else I can find this... 😭 I really regretted not buying more sobbbbbs.

Might have to ship it to SG, but I'm not even sure where I should start or how to search hahaha!! My friend @emberleong is going Japan soon tho, so I've already asked her to help me purchase more HAHAHAHAHA. #crazyhoarder


Day 234

Sunday, 21 Aug 2016

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lovefleur12 (avatar)

lovefleur12 Try this from HK https://www.etsy.com/sg-en/listing/231828186/hight-quality-nisshin-grace-transparent

2 years ago

cheerUup (avatar)

cheerUup i peifu u for being so good at claying n all ur patience!

2 years ago

joopleberry (avatar)

joopleberry So happy to see someone so passionate about their craft!!

2 years ago

aiclay (avatar)

aiclay I guess I'm gonna have to step into Tokyu hands in the end.. 😱 the effect looks mad gorgeous! And your dremel tool sounds very awesome too! Experimentation totally paid off man. 😊

2 years ago

elleeeoh (avatar)

elleeeoh I got mine in Singapore! Will go find the place for you

2 years ago

fidesfloris (avatar)

fidesfloris awesome share of the transparent clay

2 years ago

tiffanychong (avatar)

tiffanychong hello babe! There's this app called Airfrov where you can get people to buy things from other countries! You just have to upload the picture :-) but it depends on whether Travellers wanna get for you or not! And usually they'll charge it at a higher price

2 years ago

tiffanychong (avatar)

tiffanychong Alternatively, you can try Shopandbox! I've used both before and they're reliable 😊☺️

2 years ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @lovefleur12 ah!! Thanks for this!! I briefly went to look at it, but it's so ex??? 😡 I don't think it was so ex when I bought from Japan 😢 gotta go check!

@cheerUup hahaha thanks for your compliment!! πŸ˜†β˜Ί

@joopleberry hahaha it's nice to have your own business sometimes!! (Now really right now tho, since you know about my deadline problem now.... 😭)

@aiclay haha!! You really should leh it's like heaven!!!! Maybe when JY looking at something else you can go TOKYU hands yourself πŸ˜‚

@thewhimsicalunatic eh???? You got the same transparent clay in SG?? 😡

@fidesfloris haha glad it helps!! 😁

@tiffanychong ah I heard of those before!!! I think other than their service charge there's also a lot of other random charges or smth, I looked at it before and it just seem like such a hassle!! 😡 but will definitely be in my list, if I do need to get it! ☺ thank you~

2 years ago

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