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So my iPad has been charging really slowly, slowly meaning it’s depleting while its charging LOL.

It could be because I’m using it quite intensively ytd (downloading brushes for Procreate, importing, researching on it for the whole day), but depleting batteries scares me 😬

I also don’t have the charger for iPad (I only got the iPad haha) so that could be the reason. But ET researched about it and said that even the original iPad charger also takes 4 hours to charge like WAT

Apparently there’s this fast charge thing, can be charged finish by 2 hours or so. But it costs almost 100 bucks even on carousell and it uses another cable so if wanna replace it’s gonna be a hassle LOL


I charged my iPad with my iPad charger, had the one for the iPad mini, and I went out about 2 hours? It was around 20%+ when I left, cane home and it was 70%+ only wow


He really wants me to take good care of the cable lmao

I was actually thinking maybe I’ll leave it outside as in the living room, cause 1. we actually don’t have anymore power point in the room HAHAH and 2. the birds can get to anywhere in the room so if I put it OUTSIDE the room it’d definitely be safe 😬

This morning I actually dreamt that I woke up but my iPad is 10% charged leh is this like modern day horror LOLOL

Day 54

Friday, 23 Feb 2018

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sheiaury (avatar)

sheiaury I dont know how reliable the cable is but if you use the ipad charger it works much faster and I get you say that you dont have it.

10 months ago

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