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It's 2am now and I just finished updated handxmade blog. And getting quite annoyed. I guess I really should have edited the photos on computer instead of on my phone?? I don't know... It looks super dull on my computer screen, but I thought it looked fine when I edited it on my phone. What's the problem??? 😭

Bringing Buibui out today!

This is his first trip out of my room lol. He's been there since he started eating solids. When he was a baby I brought him to work as he still need formula for food, but he was always kept in a cardboard box. Now he can look outside and bask in the sun!! Haha.

His virgin trip on the mrt and being able to see outside haha. I was really worried he'll chirp really loudly like at home and making a lot of noise (wanting to get out of the "box") but I'm already a few stops away and he still hasn't make a sound! Maybe because there's no birds chirping so he got no bird friends to reply to hehe. He's scuttling about though.


Day 325

Saturday, 21 Nov 2015

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