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#imstaying • Job for a 59 year old?

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It’s a flurry of emotions today and I think I need somewhere to write these down so hi dayre!!! YOU WILL NOT BE SHUT DOWN I BELIEVE IN US.

I’m actually really upset that I haven’t been doing much about this dayre shutting down issue as I would have been. This custom order is taking a lot out of me even though the client is absolutely amazing and I’m paid well for it (seriously 💕)

But ya I’ve been staying up all night and have barely 3 hours of sleep, and few days back I didn’t even sleep for 48 hours straight!!? 😱

I’m really enjoying the stuff I’m making now but not enjoying having the deadline so dangerously close. There were just so many trial and error I had to do (just one thing took 1 whole week seriously and that really messed my schedule up), and even though I THOUGHT I planned enough for this project, obviously I overestimated myself and thought things will get done wtf.

Custom orders that I’ve never done before are really damn tough. That’s why when I do open custom orders on Patreon it will be:

1. Not charged
2. No deadline
3. No human figurines (willing to do animals!)
4. Have to be workable and reasonable to be finished in 1-2 days max
5. Smth I have never done before
6. No stress

I mean the fact that I’m not charging also means that if somehow I didn’t reach their expectations, it’s ok also I’m not charging but they still get smth right!! Hahaha.

But ya only for patrons lo because they’re my priority and they deserves the best.


So ya I’ve been sharing the petition and even did it on my IG story and wrote a bit here!! But I just feel like I should have done more 😔

To be honest I didn’t even have time to look at all those other apps that were recommended, but even if I did....it’s just not gonna be the same.

The style of blogging, the community, everything is just gonna be different and if it’s not dayre, I don’t want to do it at all.

I admit I haven’t been posting as much, that’s because when I do I spend 2-3 hours LOL I just have so many things to say especially when I wanna put photos up (I have so many in my camera roll that I saved to update dayre man but didn’t have the time sobs 😭)

And ya I just didn’t have time during this period, and normally I’ll try to update at least once every few days!!! Ugh now I feel worse for not coming here often also (the notifications still isn’t working = spend less time here also lol)

But I 100% agree with @eustaciatan and @twinkles that we shouldn’t be half ass about it and MAKE SURE IT’S GONNA HAPPEN.

Seriously if dayre is gonna be gone I’m just gonna stop blogging altogether lol not even joking.

ET and I gonna go Penang soon somemore and I was looking forward to updating dayre about it again leh 😭 (now I only write things that are out of the ordinary here, handxmade related all on my Patreon, daily musings on IG)

So ya other than feeling shit for unable to do more for dayre, and stressing about meeting the deadline for my order, now I’m just worried my aunt might take the route of leaving this world because they cannot sustain the family.

On @doubleoxm:260118 I briefly talked about my aunt who went missing from the face of the earth for 2 whole years.

Basically they went from being the richest out of all our relatives to jobless and unable to support themselves and their 2 kids.

Everything went to hell within a day for them: lost tons of money, quarrelled, uncle went out and drove and got into an accident, the bottom half of his body was paralysed for a year or so and finally can walk thanks to countless therapy (which was damn expensive and out of their own pocket alr)

They still have savings that can last them a few months...but nothing’s been working. Aunt came back to try to see if she can get smth from CPF but of course she would have to cut her citizenship and she still needs a place to turn to if things really goes haywire right?

My uncle also came here to see if he can get a job in Singapore, and went for a few interviews but no replies so far. He’s been sending out resumes to 15 companies every single day but no one replied.

He actually has really high qualifications, but the problem is his age - he’s gonna be 59 this May and I think nobody wants to hire him cause people usually gonna retire at this age man.

It’s damn Jialat because the place they’re renting is 2k per month, and their financial support thing only gave them like 300 or smth, can’t even cover the rent properly 😱

Their kids (who are such gems) are only age 8 and 10 leh. Still got a long ways to go and they can’t exactly not let them go to school also??

Idk la I just..every time I talk to my aunt my heart breaks for her and I can’t do much. Everyone’s trying to help and even lend her money etc but the most important thing is that they have to find a job.

To the point that if they found one even in another country, they will fly there. That desperate. (They’re in Australia now)

To makes matter worse, today I received photos of their little girl with a HUGE BUMP across her right eye and it was red and swollen.

She was being bullied by this person at school, who apparently threatened to ask her mum to sit on her etc (idk why she thought it was a good threat but erm I guess whatever works for these bullies eh 🙄) my aunt actually confronted the mum but she was like “kids stuff not my business)

The next day she was pushed by the same girl and she hit the door. Worse thing is the principal wasn’t even apologetic and in turn got pissed at my aunt and uncle LIKE HELLO.

Plus she’s only 8 y/o leh walao

They insisted it was an accident but even if it is, shouldn’t you at least try to reassure it wouldn’t happen again or smth???

Ok this is pretty one sided la and idk what exactly happened but this is what I heard, moral of story is my aunt has been dealt with bad hands again and again and again and I don’t want them to decide that leaving this world with the kids is the best solution.

I’m trying to ask around to see if anyone knows who will be willing to hire a 59 year old, and give him a chance to slowly stand back on their feet.

I didn’t want to talk about what happened to them but with the things that’s been happening, I think they need all the help they can get and I personally feel that you can’t ask for help without giving more backstory. (Like ahem the current dayre situation whereby nobody knew how serious it really is)

Just trying my luck here, and this probably won’t work with so many things going on and dayre shutting down soon etc. But I gotta try and so, if you know anyone who’s hiring and willing to give my aunt and her family a chance to get back on their feet...please let me know.

Found his LinkedIn page LOL

“I'm highly adaptable, and having worked in diverse industries (Banking, Telecomms., Medical Electronics), and roles (Architecture, Pre-sales, Technical Management, R&D) since graduation as an Electrical Engineer, I have a wealth of experience to apply to new challenges. I'm well travelled, and have worked extensively in APAC.”

Have no clue he can work as what but ya HAHAHA.

It’d be better if he works for smth he’s familiar with and enough to sustain the family la shit man it’s gonna be damn tough with rent and all but better than no money at all right 😭

Idk I feel so helpless and I just needed to get this off my chest. Ask around, have some faith.

Ok I really need to get back to work now I’ve spent way too much time than I gave myself 😱


Day 43

Monday, 12 Feb 2018

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aiclay (avatar)

aiclay Almost reaching the finishing line, go go goooooo babe!!

11 months ago

emilee (avatar)

emilee Which part of Australia they are in right now? We move here while my daughter was 10, I found all kids are friendly and very sweet. Never heard about school violence cos school is zero tolerate to that.

11 months ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @aiclay thank you!!!!!! I’m really damn tired just want this to be over now 😔

@emilee Queensland!! What really!!!! Idk maybe different part different? Or they’re just unlucky 😔

11 months ago

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