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86 names lettered • 1ST FINE DINING EXPERIENCE @ CURE

• 10:33pm •

Ahhhhhhhhh another set of challenge completed ytd and I’m honestly damn proud of myself ok

Photo is trimmed to a square (lazy to edit lol) but yeah I managed to write finish all 86 names (left one cause I dunno her name since she only put her initials so I’m waiting for her reply, and ET don’t need me to write his name whoops)

It took me a few days in total so I’m glad I managed to finish editing all the videos I need to edit for next week pretty early in the week so I could focus on this side project 😍

The fact that I even have time for this was a miracle alr, but I wanted to do this as thanks for my patrons for being here despite me being me not pushing any content at all because of the custom order 😭

And this is like can send e-copy so it makes it even easier to do it for every single one of them :’)

Also I wanted to be able to use procreate well so this was like a training for myself to use the app and also to practice my lettering??? SO THIS IS LEGIT LIKE DUNNO-HOW-MANY-IN-1 HAHAA

I did so many things like choosing different background (one of them like steel metal kinda style and I went to look for it hehe) and I tried to incorporate their fav colours in their lettering, and if I don’t know their fav colour but know their IG I went to look at their timeline and see what colour comes up the most LOL 🤣 Damn stalkerish HAHAH.

Like for Charlie I used his DP colours which was orange and turquoise-ish and it turned out quite nice!!

The said “steel metal” one 😆

I also realise I go towards the pastel dusty pink kinda colour a lot HAHA

@aiclay’s one was quite nice also!!

Ahh I quite like using this blend also, with a turquoise shadow at the back!

@huienloi’s one was simple and omg I love it so much

This one was using my friend’s personal photo that he took that was damn nice btw so I just had to 😍

This one!!! So nice hor omg his photos all very aesthetically pleasing 😍

@autumnstar likes green and I’m just like OMG idk how BUT YA HAHAHAAH it was tough for me for green and purple colours!!

Hehe @joyoelay’s DP on IG is like a yellow circle so I took that colour to do this!!

@srnlsc’s one was made with a knitting pattern texture cause she likes to knit wtf HAHA and this kind of washed out looking pink reminds me of her idk why

Quite like this one cause it was tough not to make it look tacky (imo la maybe still tacky looking wtf)

This one was nice too!! Using some brushes that create nature looking stuff like trees and it looked quite nice as a “background” for this hehe

@kobuang’s one was really simple but one of the more satisfying turquoise colour I had to make!! 😍

I also attempted with a marble background HEHE cause who doesn’t like marble right!! So I did this for @thegreatperhaps.

Even though I like it I feel like smth is missing but idk what 🤔 good attempt la good attempt hahaaha

See what I mean by leaning towards pastel pink LOL


Thing is honestly I was super shocked when he pledged, and even more shocked when he replied to my message on Patreon???? Idk like I’m alr so grateful that he pledged at all as a form of support (cause I was thinking I don’t think what I’m doing really interests him la just as a JIAYOU DONT GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS kinda thing right!!)

Then omg so touched leh he used it as banner like it really makes me happy to know that people like it enough to even use it la (MAYBE I SHOUDN’T HAVE MADE IT SO “DEMURE” LOOKING THO WHAT WAS I THINKING GYAHAHAHAHAHA)

Also I set everything as .png so people can use it if they want to and it’s just easier if the background is transparent right!! Then on Dayre the banner turns transparent background into black and it was quite ugly la then I told him I did it on a white background so it should look nicer with white AND HE CHANGED IT OK IT’S LIKE GOT EFFORT really so touched leh sobs

Gahhhhhh I like all of my letterings la cause I put in effort and made sure I like them before I send to them but I cannot show all cause got 86 of them lmaoooo and seriously I learnt SO MUCH from this mini challenge and I’m so proud of myself for pulling through it HAHAHA.

I watched finished like Goosebumps season 1 on Netflix, Assassination Classroom season 1 and halfway through Jane the Virgin Season 1 throughout this challenge ok LMAO (didn’t watch more seasons cause not on Netflix lol)

So one day ET told me that his friend is back from NY from a culinary school and is in a fine dining restaurant as head chef and he wanna try his cooking and of course I said yes cause food

He made a reservation and because Valentine’s Day was the day I had to complete my order etc etc and I was exhausted la so we postponed until today HAHA MARCH ALR LEH but we don’t need a reason to celebrate anything so Valentine’s Day was just bs excuse HAHHAA

AND OMG I ENJOYED MYSELF SO MUCH like Cure isn’t one of the *ahem* pretentious fine dining place that forces you to wear formal clothes and makes you feel like you’re judged for not having proper eating etiquette or smth LOL cause seriously I would have been so self conscious HAHA

Instead we wore jeans and normal t-shirt LUL but felt super comfortable and welcomed ok 😍

Casual fine dining is what they call it I think idk la I poor af one dunno all these and don’t really wanna know LOL honestly I wouldn’t even dare to step inside la the price point scary for me but according to ET normal fine dining dinner time is like at least $300+++ per person?? 😱😱😱

We paid about $300++ for 2 person for a 5 course meal btw!! Got sparkling water also and I got a mocktail, so it’s actually $120 for a 5 course meal per head excluding gst and all la

But then there were like 3 appetiser and 1 after desserts not on the menu also so trust me it’s a lot of things HAHA.

Honestly I wasn’t expecting a lot somehow I feel that fine dining is just super expensive and make rich people feel like they’re rich cause rich food LOL wtf right but ya I didn’t want to have too much expectations also. Those always tend to ruin things 😬

So of course I was absolutely blownnnnnnn awayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

Like first I think the mini size food is so darn adorable???

And then you get things like this which is so mind blowing and SO DELICIOUS Idk what they put inside man (they actually tells you what’s in the dish individually when they serve it to you but I always only remember one or two things only lol)

I didn’t take photos of everything la kinda wish I did!!

There was this beetroot thing that was like amazing presentation and the taste was very very unique like it was sour but oh soooo nice cause inside got croutons so the texture also blends so nicely

(Wtf the fact that I even remembered this much shows a lot ok HAHA)

OH I remember the first appetiser was like bread MADE IN HOUSE and the butter that was served for ET was apparently REALLY GOOD. The bread itself was so fragrant alr I probably should have asked if they sell them in loafs wtf lol

Speaking of butter, I told them that I don’t eat butter/milk/cheese so no dairy, and I also don’t eat beef which is like the main course 🤦🏻‍♀️

I was super apologetic about it cause I honestly feel like a burden and I know how it will mess the kitchen’s workflow to have smth like this randomly popped out you know??? (But we were like one of the first few customers la so hopefully it didn’t make it too busy for them 😱)

But then they were so nice about it and said smth along the lines of “don’t worry we’ll take good care of you” AND I THINK I JUST KINDA MELT A BIT CAUSE LIKE Y SO SWEET 😭


But seriously the fish was like WARM and the plate was WARM TOO and I was like I’ve never tasted fishes that’s WARM but not scorching hot like those Chinese dishes or COLD like those leftover fish my mum cooks and eat for lunch and dinner Ahahhahaahahaha

AHHHHHHHH I’ve never loved fish so much HAHAA. You don’t have to worry about bones also ok LOL

We cleaned EVERY single dishes even all the sauce cause OH SO GOOD

This one was the “special order” which he replaced the beef with scallops AND OH MY GOOD LORD I LOVE THE SCALLOPS SO MUCH THE MEAT WAS SO JUICY AND OK I HAVE NO WORDS

I am still thinking about the scallops ok I really love it so much HALP.

The potato (under the pattern thingy lol) really complimented the scallops SO WELL??? And usually I’m very cautious with “mashed potatoes” cause usually got milk inside HAHA but this one was SO GOOD. I wonder if he made sure it was milkless OMG I HOPE NOT

ET really enjoyed the beef too!!

It’s one of those “it’s so good I don’t know how to describe it” so we just ate and I was basically beaming with joy wtf very drama but really hahahahaha

And then there’s this and I’m just like IT’S A BIG PEARLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


So it’s actually peach sorbet or smth ok I know for sure there’s peach and I THINK it’s sorbet HAHAHAHAHAHAHA wth I was too absorbed with the pearl and my eyes was just sparkling cause so nice but basically it was like Icecream like that GYAHAHA and the outer layer which is like crunchy and reminds me of hi-chew is just the right crunchiness (not the kind that you’ll be scared that you’ll injured your gum when you try to bite down LOL)

Just when I thought we were done with the courses and then there’s this little chocolate and IDK WHAT’S THE THING ON THE RIGHT I thought it was like gummy texture but it started drooping when I hold on it for too long while I try to slowly finish the chocolate like don’t see this ball ball so small it was quite packed and took me awhile (a very blissful long while) to finish it AND IT WAS SO NICE

Like sometimes I’m scared of eating chocolates cause they have the milk taste but this one was pure chocolatey goodness which is my fav kind 😍

Oh ET just told me that Kenneth (head chef of Cure) said that if any of our friends wanna go let him know and he’ll take good care of them (OMG THAT SENTENCE THAT MADE ME SO TOUCHED HAHAHAHA) so if you wanna go let me know???

It’s basically a fine dining experience but a casual one so you get all the good bits without all the stress and I really loved every single food they served!! 😍

I’m just so thankful for the extra care they took for a troublesome person like me and they made it an amazing experience like I was so worried it would be vomit-inducing (butter/milk/cheese makes me feel like vomiting that’s why I can’t eat) and that did not happen AT ALL except for the time ET asked me to smell the butter which omg I really CMI but of course it means it’s good la right Y I CANNOT EAT BUTTER SIAAAA

I think I might have some beef (heh) with cows in my last life or smth that’s why I hate beef or anything they produce lol OR MAYBE I was really good friends with them in the past??????? So now I cannot eat them HAHAHAHAH

Same goes for goat cheese and mutton hahahhaahah ok I think that makes more sense I was vvvv good friend with them then LUL

Ok I got to go alr like I’m quite tired we slept at 4am ytd and woke up pretty early today and was out the whole day but I loved Cure and the experience so much I just had to write down and make sure I don’t forget every single aspect of it 😍✨

(Oh and ya ET approves the music LMAO it’s v impt ok!! Helps that Kenneth’s a musician also, that’s how they know each other!! HAHAA)

AHHHHHHHHHH I’m scared man I cannot afford such luxurious food all the time but I’m really thinking about the scallops a lot no joke

I also feel a bit aunty and stupid that I thought fine dining doesn’t make you full cause all the portion is so small WAH trust me my tummy is super happy now and it was like JUST NICE for us cause I think a little bit more I probably will be TOO FULL and bloated so really, trust the chef!!

Day 62

Saturday, 3 Mar 2018

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autumnstar (avatar)

autumnstar all the names that you posted are so nice!!! I love those with 2 tones and names with more letters, but i think Zoey's one was coolest 2 tone ever cus purple and marble!!!! so impressed hehehe and why ET dun want?

10 months ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @autumnstar ahhhhh thankyou!!! ♥️ HAHA OMG MORE LETTERS somehow easier to compose also I feel! 🙃
ET was like “I’m not gonna use it anyway” HAHAHA

10 months ago

andreas (avatar)

andreas happy burpday XM! Please eat a lot and do a decent burp today :)

10 months ago

doubleoxm (avatar)

doubleoxm @andreas OMG I DIDNT SEE THIS HAHAHA THANK YOU I still can’t burp

9 months ago

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