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December 2018

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First Wisdom Tooth Extraction 🦷

Today is the first time I take out any wisdom tooth, so I really wanted to write it down HAHAHAHA I was scared af but it was actually a really quick procedure??? I’m lucky that the wisdom tooth didn’t really gave me any pain, and I only needed to remove because food kept getting stuck (so might have potential tooth decay)

#ourhawkercture WIP

YO @aiclay posted about us working for the #ourhawkerculture miniature diorama big project at my place during this hectic period!!! 😍Recently Dayring is tough for us cause we’re just so frigging busy, so I’m so grateful that she spent around 2 hours to write about everything on her most recent post Go READ OK!! @aiclay:051218(I also very 贱 la wanna write here to keep track myself LOL)

November 2018

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Shuqun Secondary School Homecoming Dinner 2018

Today is my Secondary School Homecoming dinner, and after this....we’ll never see Shuqun again. I think the buildings etc will still be there but it just won’t be the same 😔 I actually contemplated to skip this but eventually gave in because I am honestly pretty attached to my secondary school because it was where I joined band, and band seriously shaped me a lot in terms of character and many other things :’)

October 2018

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Is your life really yours?

I’m sick, having a killer sore throat and I feel like shit. But I just had a really interesting and thought provoking dream (to me) so I really want to write it down somewhereThis might be quite a sensitive topic though so....just know I don’t mean to offend anyone and it’s just something I thought worth remembering.Also I literally JUST WOKE UP so errrr might be half gibberish lol

September 2018

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First personal dental experience that isn’t from school lol

Went to the dentist and FIRST TIME GETTING A X-RAY!!!!! 😱😍Damn sua ku la I asked the dentist if I can take a photo lmao and she was like sure (Also is it “an x-ray” or “a x-ray”??? “An x-ray” sounds right but x isn’t a e i o u wor)

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This fking dream

So I’ve always had ridiculous dreams. Sometimes they’re ok, sometimes they really scared the crap out of me and today’s dream is the latter. Since I already have #xmdreamoftheday here on Dayre I might as well continue it because as much as this was creepy af and send a chill down my spine I kinda wanna remember it cause it’s quite interesting HAHA.

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