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August 2014

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Cheered me up ☺

July 2014

Today went to class, which was again, boring............ I was frustrated and upset the whole morning cause of some issues la, and really, feel really bad... Then had lunch with ET, and I'm so glad that he was really understanding and made me feel much better. We had the coco jap curry thing at star vista, then I head to Eunos to finally return Vicki her guitar! 😁

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Today went to class, on time siol!!! Okay not really but the class started when I came in HAHA THEY WERE WAITING FOR ONE MORE STUDENT LAAAA. As usual, nothing much.... Lol. After that, went to carvers and workkkkkkkkked. It was really much much better than sats and suns, but I was still frustrated for a bit when there were some rushed orders. I really don't know how much longer I can tahan working there lol.

Went to class, and seriously waste time LOL. WHOOOOPS. Head back to dabao chasiew, and back to meet ET for lunch~ Then basically head home again and slacked till ET finish work HAHA. Went to plaza sing, and bought yarn for my next project! 😁 hurhur. Gonna be a catttttt~ pretty pumped up about it hehehe ☺ Watch Deliver Us From Evil and WALAO that movie keep talking about God LOL and it was pretty draggy I think.... But I enjoyed it nonetheless. ☺ wooop!

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Went to class today, late, but I think attendance was marked? LOL. Oh wellllll~ at least I went to class hahaha. After class went home and slacked, read a lot of 20th century boys and it's getting damn interesting laaaaaa ☺

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Wow I didn't post for a lot of days sia, was so tired and forgotten all about it~ officially break my everyday #100happydays shit HAHHAA. Well but I still gotta like be appreciative and all so let's see what I can remember LOL

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